Irregularities in Officers' Pay Bills

Circulars No 257

Admiralty, 18th July, 1856

The attention of the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty having been drawn to the numerous instances of irregularity which occur in the Bills drawn by Officers of Her Majesty's Navy, particularly by Warrant and Subordinate Officers, for their pay, by including a residue due to them for a Ship that has been paid off, whereby much unnecessary official labour is occasioned, I am commanded by their Lordships to call the attention of the Captains and Commanding Officers of Her Majesty's Ships to the 28th Article at page 10 of the Admi-ralty Instructions, and to the 8th Article at page 98 of the Paymaster's Instructions, as well as to the information given at pages 24, 25, 26, and 27, of the Book of Tables of Pay of the Navy.

My Lords desire that these directions be strictly attended to in future, and have commanded me to signify that if this irregularity, which has become almost a general practice, is persevered in, they will be under the necessity of causing all bills drawn at variance with the established regulations to be refused payment, according to the warning contained in the articles of the instructions above quoted.

Officers in charge of stores, and those whose stations require special certificates, are enjoined to be careful to transmit with their discharge tickets the certificates required by their instructions, in order that no delay may take place in adjusting the full pay accounts.

By Command of their Lordships

R. Osborne

To all Flag Officers, Captains, and Command-ing Officers of H.M. Ships and Vessels.

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