Increased Allowance of Biscuit, &c.,
Gratuitous Issues of Bedding, Clothing, &c.

Circular No. 364.
Admiralty 28th April, 1859.

With the view of improving the condition of the Petty Officers, Seamen, and Marines of the Fleet, The Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty are pleased to direct that the following alterations shall be made in the scale of victualling of the Royal Navy, viz. :-

The allowance of biscuit to be increased from one pound to one and a quarter pound per man per day, the savings' price being reduced from 2d. to 1¾d. per pound.

The allowance of sugar to be also increased from 1¾d. oz. to 2 oz. per man per day.

The above alterations are to be brought into operation on and after the 1st day of July next, or on the first day of the quarter following the receipt of this order on board.

Their Lordships have further been pleased to approve of an extra allowance of chocolate and sugar to the extent of ½ oz. of each article being issued at the discretion of the Commanding Officer, either in the middle or morning watches, to such portion of the Ship's Company as may be exposed during severe weather, or when from circumstances of sickness, or climate, or for other causes, he may consider it desirable.

This extra allowance may be commenced on the first occasion calling for the same, and the Paymaster's claim for such extra issues is to be made on his Victualling Statement, supported by a certificate on the annexed form below.

Their Lordships, being also desirous that the seamen on entering should, as far as practicable, be freed from the necessity of incurring debt, are pleased to direct that the following regulations be observed from the date of the receipt of this circular, viz.:


All men and boys on first joining one of Her Majesty's ships, shall be supplied with a bed, blanket, and bed cover, free of charge.

These articles, being the property of the Crown, will be marked with the Broad Arrow in Blue, and on the ship being paid off they are to be returned into store by the Paymaster.

The date of issue of the bedding is to be inserted on each man's ticket, on all transfer lists, and on the pay charge list, it being understood that, except in the case of the ship being

paid off, or of loss from unavoidable accident, the issue is to be confined to once in four years.

On removal from one ship to another the men are to take these articles with them, and in case of loss or damage by neglect the value is to be charged against them. In the event of death or desertion they are to be returned to the charge of the Paymaster.


To every man, on his first entering the Navy for ten years' continuous service, and to all boys. on being advanced to man's rating, a suit of clothes, consisting of the following made up articles, is to be furnished, viz.:-

  s. d.
A blue cloth jacket (No. 2 cloth) 17 8
A pair of blue cloth trowsers (ditto) 11 7
A blue serge frock 5 4
A duck frock 2 9
A pair of duck trousers 2 7
A blank silk handkerchief 2 10
A pair of shoes 6 7

or he will be credited with a sum of money equivalent thereto at the foregoing rates, to provide such suitable descriptions of clothing as may be required in the climate in which he is serving : and in the case of a seamen being already provided with clothes approved by his Commanding Officer a corresponding sum is to be placed to his credit in the ship's books.

The issue of this clothing is to be in accordance with the scale shown in Circular No 342 and is to be noted on all lists as directed with regard to the bedding, [See below for Circular No, 387 which soon changed to above for clothing.]

The Paymaster is to transmit into office with each quarterly account a certificate signed by himself, and approved by the Commanding Officer, of the number of beds, blankets, and bed covers, and the quantities of clothing issued in accordance with this Circular.

On a Paymaster being removed, or a ship paid down or paid off, he is to transmit a certificate of the total number of beds, blankets, and covers, as well as of the amount of clothing issued under this Circular for the whole period, also the number of seamen entered, distinguishing those entered for ten years' continuous service.

Mess Utensils.

Mess Utensils suitable for use onboard Her Majesty’s Ships will be hereafter supplied gratuitously to each ship on being put in commission.

The date of the receipt of this Circular on board Her Majesty's Ships is to be notified by letter to the Comptroller of Victualling.

By Command of their Lordships.

H. Corry

To all Commanders-in-Chief, Captains, Commanders„ and Commanding Officers of Her

Majesty's Ships and Vessels.

Statement of the extra issues of Chocolate and Sugar on board Her Majesty's Ship _________ at the under-mentioned dates in accordance with the Admiralty Circular No. 364.

Date of Issue No. of Persons to whom Issued Chocolate Sugar
      lbs. oz. lbs. oz.


I certify that the above Extra Issues were made by my directions.


Circular No. 387.

Admiralty, 28th September, 1859.

Gratuitous Issues of Clothing.

With reference to Circular No. 364, of the 28th April, 1859, My Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty are pleased to direct that immediately on the receipt hereof a detailed statement in the following form be transmitted to their Lordships' Secretary, for the Comptroller of Victualling, viz. :-

"Statement of the gratuitous issues of Clothing to Men on first entering the Navy for ten years' continuous service, and to Boys on being advanced to Men's ratings, on board Her Majesty's Ship ________, or of credits of money in lieu thereof, between the ______ of ______ 18__ , and the ______ of ______ 18__, -(the date of the receipt of this Circular:)

Date of Issue or Credit List No. on S.B. Name Blue Cloth Jacket Blue Cloth Trousers Blue Serge Frocks Duck Frocks Duck Trousers Black Silk Hand-kerchiefs Shoes Cash Credit in lieu of Clothing Remarks
  s. d. s. d. s. d. s. d. s. d. s. d. s. d. £. s. d.  

I hereby certify that the Men above named have been supplied with the articles of Clothing inserted against their names respectively, or credited with the value thereof on the Ship's Books, they being entitled to the same, in accordance with their Lordships' Circular No. 364 which was received on board this Ship on the _____ day of _____ 18__.

Dated on board H.M.S. ______ at ______ the _____ day of _____ 18__.




Their Lordships are further pleased to direct that, from the date of the receipt of this Circular on board Her Majesty's Ships, these issues of gratuitous Clothing in kind be discontinued, and that, in lieu thereof, all Men, on their first entering the Navy for ten years’ continuous service, and all Boys (except Ship's Stewards Boys), on being advanced to Men's ratings, be respectively credited with the sum of £2. 9s. 4d.

This credit is to be inserted in the Record Book, against the names of the individuals entitled to it, in the first column of credits, as "Clothing Money," or in the Complete Book, Muster Book, and in all Pay documents ; and all issues of Clothing made to them in kind are to be charged against them in the Charge Book, in the usual manner, and at the rates specified in Circular No. 321. The cost (if any) of making up the articles is to be charged to the individuals, in accordance with Circular No. 342.

The Clothing Money credits are to be shown in the monthly returns for the Record Book, Forms No. 1 or 2, according as they may appertain to newly entered Men or to Boys on being advanced to Men’s ratings.

By Command of the Lordships,

W.G. Romaine.

To all Commanders-in-Chief, &c.

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