Brief Notes regarding Miscellaneous Circulars.

Circular No. 271.

My Lords, in order to obviate complaints of men regarding their Certificates of Character, desire that in all cases the Character given to each man on his Certificate shall be read to him by the Commanding Officer.

Circular No. 276.

Designation of Messes in all rates of Her Majesty's Ships - Ward Room Mess, and Gun Room Mess.

Circular No. 278.

Discontinuance of the injurious use of Sharp Iron Scrapers on Decks of Her Majesty’s Ships.

Circular No. 279.

Regulations for Uniform Cap and Dirk not to be deviated from by Subordinate Officers.

Circular No. 308.

Regulations to be observed Respecting the Entry of Long Service Pensioners and the Receipt of Their Pensions when Serving.

Circular No. 312.

Circular No. 259 is to be cancelled on receipt of this Circular.

Admiralty, 10th February 1858.

Paymasters and Clerks.

Circular No. 314.

To supersede Circulars No. 158 and 161.

Admiralty, 26th February 1858.

Directions for Preserving and Cleaning the Enfield Rifle Muskets (Pattern 1853).

Circular No. 315.

Admiralty, 5th March 1858.


Circular No. 316.

Admiralty, 11th March 1858.

Prices of Seaman's Clothing.

Circular No. 317.

Admiralty, 12th March 1858.

Skimming of Ships' Coppers.

Circular No. 318.

Admiralty, 13th March 1858.

Remittance Lists of Officers on Full Pay.

Circular No. 321.

Admiralty, 7th April 1858.

New System of Ships' Books and Accounts.

Circular No. 322.

Admiralty, 14th April 1858.

Staying Masts and Setting Up Lower Rigging.

(Cancelling Article 5, Chapter 5, of Printed Instructions.)

Circular No. 327.

Admiralty, 12th May 1858.

Regulations as to Taking Up Money and Drawing Bills on the Accountant-General of the Navy.

Circular No. 329.

Admiralty, 10th June 1858.

Inspection of Bedding and Clothing of the Men of Her Majesty's Ships.

Circular No. 330.

Admiralty, 1st July 1858.

Duplicate Medals and Clasps.

Circular No. 331.

Admiralty, 16th July 1858.

Forms of Wills for Petty Officers, Seamen and Marines.

Circular No. 332.

Admiralty, 24th July 1858.

Stowage of Rifles.

Circular No. 333.

Admiralty, 16th July 1858.

Paymasters' Stationery Allowance - 1858.

Their Lordships are pleased to direct that the Paymasters of Her Majesty's Ships, when first commissioned, shall be permitted to receive Quarterly in advance the Stationer's Allowance granted by Article 39, Chapter I, of the Paymasters' Instructions.

By Command of Their Lordships

H. Corry

Circular No. 334.

Admiralty, 7th Aug 1858.

Gratuity to Petty Officers when Promoted to the Rank of Warrant Officers.

Circular No. 335.

Admiralty, 7th Aug 1858.

Increase of Daily Pay to Non-Commissioned Officers of Royal Marines above the Rank of Corporal.

Circular No. 336.

Admiralty, 20th Aug 1858.

Provisions and clothing Returned into Store from Her Majesty's Ships.

Circular No. 337.

Admiralty, 7th Sep 1858.

Packing of Mustard.

Circular No. 338.

Admiralty, 23rd Sep 1858.

Seamanship Examination for the Rank of Lieutenant.

Circular No. 339.

Admiralty, 24th Sep 1858.

Irregular Ratings Allotted to Continuous Service Men.

Circular No. 340.

Admiralty, 20th Sep 1858.

Prizes for Good Shooting to the Royal Marines.

Circular No. 341.

Admiralty, 27th Oct 1858.

Paymasters' Seaman's Clothing Accounts.

Circular No. 342.

Admiralty, 8th Nov 1858.

Making Up Seamen's Clothing at the Home Ports.

Circular No. 343.

Admiralty, 2nd Nov 1858.

Seamanship Examination for the Rank of Lieutenant and Master.

Circular No. 344.

Admiralty, 15th Nov 1858.

Preservation of Shoes.

Circular No. 345.

Admiralty, 16th Nov 1858.

Seaman Gunners, Upon Completion of Five Years Engagement as Such, to be Retained on board the Ships in which they may be serving, until paid off, or otherwise entitled to be discharged.

Circular No. 346.

Admiralty, 18th Nov 1858.

Acting Masters, &c., - Preparation for Passing in Navigation.

Circular No. 347.

Admiralty, 20th Nov 1858.

Paddle Wheels - Precautions to be taken against Accidents when Men are in Them.

Circular No. 348.

Admiralty, 28th Oct 1858.

Non-Entry of Men in the Navy Belonging to any Branch of the Army, &c.

Circular No. 349.

Admiralty, 26th Nov 1858.

Qualifications for the Rank of Medical Inspector of Hospitals and Fleets, and of Deputy Medical Inspector of Hospitals and Fleets.

Circular No. 350.

Admiralty, 30th Nov 1858.

Reduction in the Issuing Prices of Flushing Jackets.

Circular No. 351.

Admiralty, 15th December, 1858.

Caution Respecting Soundings when in the Vicinity of Land.

Circular No. 352.

Admiralty, 23rd December, 1858.

Pay and Allotments of Disposable Supernumeraries on board Her Majesty's Ships.

Circular No. 353.

Admiralty, 14th January, 1859.

Machinery, Examination of, on and after Change of Engineer.

Circular No. 354.

Admiralty. 15th January, 1859.

Staying Masts and Setting-Up Lower Rigging.

Circular No. 355.

Admiralty, 7th January 1859.

Exemption of Roman Catholics from Attendance at Divine Service on Board HM Ships

Circular No. 356.

Admiralty, 18th February 1859.

Returns Of Seamen For Registry Office

Circular No. 357.

Admiralty, 1Bth February, 1859.

Engineers Messes

Circular No. 358.

Admiralty, 3rd March, 1859.

Extra Pay to be paid on Her Majesty's Ships at Home and Abroad.

Circular No. 359.

Admiralty, 21st March, 1859.

Promotion of Engineers.

Circular No. 360.

Admiralty, 3rd March, 1859.

Seamen Gunners' Pay and Pension.

Circular No. 361.

Admiralty, 21st April, 1859.

Payment of Monthly Allowance Money to Men Newly Entered from the Shore.

Circular No. 362.

Admiralty, 21st April, 1859.

Regulations Respecting Officers' Messes.

Cancelling Article 6, at page 94, of the Admiralty Instructions, and Circulars Nos. 242, 282, and 357. [For the latter see above regarding Engineers' Messes].

Circular No. 363.

Admiralty, 27th April, 1859.

Use of Davy's Lamp when moving Spirits and all Inflammable Stores.

Circular No. 364.

Admiralty, 28th April, 1859.

Increased Allowance of Biscuit, &c., and Gratuitous Issues of Bedding, Clothing, &c.

Circular No. 365.

Admiralty, 3rd May, 1859.

Badge Pay to Petty Officers.

Circular No. 366.

Admiralty, 10th May, 1859.

Continuous Service Pay and Engagements.

Circular No. 367.

Admiralty, 12th May, 1859.

Directions for the Use and Care of Filled and Empty Shells, and for Fixing Wood Bottoms on Plugged Shells.

Circular No. 368.

Admiralty, 14th May, 1859.

Gratuitous Issues of Bedding to Marines on Embarkation.

Circular No. 369.

Admiralty, 28th (?) May, 1859.

Relative Rank of Warrant Officers.

Circular No. 370.

Admiralty, 30th May, 1859.

Medical Officers, Royal Navy - Pay, Half-Pay, Rank, &c.

Circular No. 371.

Admiralty, 30th May, 1859.

Chaplains, Royal Navy - Pay, Half-Pay, Rank, &c.

Circular No. 372.

Admiralty, 14th Jun, 1859.

Stokers of the Second Class.

Circular No. 373.

Admiralty, 14th May, 1859.

Men of the Coast Guard Stations on Shore Serving in the Fleet.

Circular No. 374.

Admiralty, 6th June, 1859.

Gratuity to Petty Officers when Promoted to the Rank of Warrant Officers.

Circular No. 375.

Admiralty, 15th June, 1859.

Masters' Assistants - Extension of Age for Entry.

Circular No. 376.

Admiralty, 16th June, 1859.

Assistants Clerks - Extension of Age for Entry.

Circular No. 377.

Admiralty, 30th June, 1859.

Pay Documents of Disposable Supernumeraries on board H.M. Ships.

Circular No. 378.

Admiralty, 30th July, 1859.

Pay and Badge Pay of Pensioners.

Circular No. 381.

Admiralty, 18th August, 1859.

Caution Against Fire.

Circular No. 382.

Admiralty, 20th August, 1859.

Mess Utensils, &c., for Troop Service.

Circular No. 383.

Admiralty, 27th August, 1859.

Regulations for Taking Up and Disbursing Foreign Coins for Naval Service.

Circular No. 384.

Admiralty, 1st September, 1859.

Travelling Expenses of Officers - Home Station.

Circular No. 385.

Admiralty, 29th July, 1859.

Report on Conduct of Engineers and Stokers.

Circular No. 386.

Admiralty, 23rd September, 1859.

Continuous Service Engagements.

Circular No. 387.

Admiralty, 28th September, 1859.

Stores for Repair

Circular No. 388.

Admiralty, 3rd October, 1859.

Seaman Gunners - Returns of Numbers Borne..

Circular No. 389.

Admiralty, 3rd October, 1859.

Stores for Repair &c., of Naval and Enfield Rifles

Circular No. 390.

Admiralty, 28th October, 1859.

Quarterly Return of Badges Conferred and Worn.

Circular No. 391.

Admiralty, 1st November, 1859.

Official Correspondence - Covering Letters.

Circular No. 392.

Admiralty, 31st October, 1859.

Gratuity to Petty Officers when Promoted to the Rank of Warrant Officer.

Circular No. 393.


Naval Cadets, Midshipmen, &c..

See Page 230?

Circular No. 394.

Admiralty, 18th November, 1859.

Marked Beds, Blankets, and Bed Covers Issued Gratuitously to Seamen, &c., and Clothing Issued Gratuitously.

Circular No. 395.

Admiralty, 1st December, 1859.

Prizes Brought Before the Vice-Admiralty Courts Abroad.

Circular No. 396.

Admiralty, 10th December, 1859.


Circular No. 397.

Admiralty, 1st December, 1859.

Engine Room Telegraphs.

Circular No. 398.

Admiralty, 10th December, 1859.

Employment of Assistant Engineers in Making Good Defects in the Fleet.

Order in Council.

Court of Windsor, 29th November, 1859.

Bounties for Men Entering the Royal Navy.

Circular No. 399.

Admiralty, 21st December, 1859.

Mess Utensils.

Circular No. 400.

Admiralty, 5th January, 1860.

Entry of Riggers in Dockyards.

Circular No. 401.

Admiralty, 2nd January, 1860.

Disposable Supernumeraries.

Circular No. 402.

Admiralty, 18th January, 1860.

Receipts for Signal Books and Private Signals.

Circular No. 403.

Admiralty, 24th January, 1860.

Revision of the Complements of Her Majesty's Ships.

Circular No. 404.

Admiralty, 18th January, 1860.

Proof of Age of Boys Entering the Navy.

Circular No. 405.

Admiralty, 28th January, 1860.

Conditions of Fresh Meat Contracts.

Circular No. 406.

Admiralty, 31st January, 1860.

Quarterly Returns of Continuous Service Men and Boys.

Circular No. 407.

Admiralty, 9th February, 1860.

Gunnery Lieutenants, Gunnery Instructors, Badges for Seamen Gunners, and Trained Men.

Circular No. 408.

Admiralty, 24th January, 1860.

Pensions to Widows of Warrant Officers.

Circular No. 409.

Admiralty, 11th February, 1860.


Circular No. 410.

Admiralty, 23rd February, 1860.

Masters, Second Masters, &c. - Pay &c.

Circular No. 411.

Admiralty, 23rd February, 1860.

Paymasters &c. - Pay &c.

Circular No. 412.

Admiralty, 23rd February, 1860.

Engineers &c. - Pay &c.

Circular No. 413.

Admiralty, 23rd February, 1860.

Chaplains &c. - Pay &c.

Circular No. 414.

Admiralty, 8th March, 1860.

Entry Examination, &c., of Assistant Clerks, Clerks, and Assistant-Paymasters in the Royal Navy

Circular No. 415.

Admiralty, 8th March, 1860.

Pensions to Marines granted free discharge who enter the Navy

Circular No. 416.

Admiralty, 2nd April, 1860.

Issuing Prices of Marks of Distinction.

Circular No. 417.

Admiralty, 2nd April, 1860.

Care of Rudder Heads.

Circular No. 418.

Admiralty, 10th April, 1860.

Congreve Rockets.

Circular No. 419.

Admiralty, 30th April, 1860.

Extra Issue of Spirits to Engineers and Stokers.

Circular No. 420.

Admiralty, 8th May, 1860.

Master's Assistants - Age of Entry.

Circular No. 421.

Admiralty, 1st May, 1860.

Payment of Store Allowance to Ships' Stewards.

Circular No. 422.

Admiralty, .

Nothing recorded at present.

Circular No. 423.

Admiralty, 15th May, 1860.

Wine and Medical Comforts for the Sick.

Circular No. 424.

Admiralty, May, 1860.

Loss of Mess Utensils.

Circular No. 425.

Admiralty, 24th May, 1860.

Mates, Second Masters, and Assistant Paymasters Borne on Flag Ships' Books on Being Paid Off.

Circular No. 426.

Admiralty, 7th June, 1860.

Continuous Service Men Allowed to Enter as Signalmen, &c.

Circular No. 427.

Admiralty, 26th May, 1860.

Lodging Money.

Circular No. 428.

Admiralty, 15th June, 1860.

Record of Conduct of Seamen, Parchment Certificates, &c.

Circular No. 429.

Admiralty, 19th June, 1860.

Stoppage of Allotments to Wives and Relatives of Seamen.

Circular No. 430.

Admiralty, 20th June, 1860.

Sea Service Rifles, Bayonets and Cutlasses to be numbered.

Circular No. 431.

Admiralty, 26th June, 1860.

Grant of Good Conduct Pay to Seamen.

Circular No. 432.

Admiralty, 26th June, 1860.

Grant of Good Conduct Pay to Royal Marines.

Circular No. 433.

Admiralty, 26th June, 1860.

Warrant Officers' Retirement.

Circular No. 434.

(Cancelling Circular No. 246.

Admiralty, 3rd July, 1860.

Naval Uniforms.

Circular No. 435.

Admiralty, 5th July, 1860.

Nomination of Officers for Promotion on Flag Officers striking their Flags.

Circular No. 436.

Admiralty, 20th July, 1860.

Assistant Engineers in Charge of Engines.

Circular No. 437.



Circular No. 438.

Admiralty, 24th July, 1860.

Monthly Advances to Officers and Crews of Her Majesty's Ships, &c.

Circular No. -.

Admiralty, Circa 24th July, 1860.

Regulations for Paying the Navy.

Circular No. 439.

Admiralty, 12th July, 1860.

Pensions to the Widows of Warrant Officers.

Circular No. 440.

Admiralty, 12th July, 1860.

Medals for Long Service and Good Conduct.

Order in Council.

Admiralty, 1st August, 1860.

Naval Retirement....Captains....Commanders....Lieutenants.

Circular No. 441.

Admiralty, 6th August, 1860.


Circular No. 442.

Admiralty, 21st August, 1860.

Issuing Prices of Marks of Distinction for Gunnery Instructors and Seamen Gunners.

Circular No. 443.

Admiralty, 15th August, 1860.

Award of the Beaufort Testimonial.

Circular No. 444.

Admiralty, 28th August, 1860.

Caulking of Topsides of Ships.

Circular No. 445.

Admiralty, 30th August, 1860.

Coaling Issues.

Circular No. 446.

Admiralty, 28th August, 1860.

Railway Passes.

Circular No. 447.

Admiralty, 22nd September, 1860.

Shell Ranges for the 68-Pr., 95 Cwt. Guns.

Circular No. 448.

Admiralty, 17th September, 1860.

Royal Naval Reserve Volunteers.

Circular No. 449.

Admiralty, 13th October, 1860.

Cancelling Circular No. 91, Relative to not Saluting Dutch Consular Authorities.

Circular No. 450.

Admiralty, 30th October, 1860.

"Record of Conduct" Book.

Circular No. 451.

Admiralty, 30th October, 1860.

Quarterly Allowance of Ammunition for Practice.

Circular No. 452.

Admiralty, 5th November, 1860.

Rank of Warrant Officers.

Circular No. 453.

(Cancelling Circulars Nos. 47 and 88.)

Admiralty, 30th September, 1860.

Revised Regulations for the Grant of Good Conduct Pay, Rewards, and Pensions, to Non-Commissioned Officers, Drummers, and Privates, of the Royal Marines.

Circular No. 454.

Admiralty, 20th November, 1860.

Allotments of Disposable Supernumeraries.

Circular No. 455.

Admiralty, 26th November, 1860.

Alteration in the Mode of Issuing Grey Cloth for Trousers for Royal Marines.

Circular No. 456.

Admiralty, 27th November, 1860.

Medical Comforts for Her Majesty's Ships on Foreign Stations.

With some exceptions, see below, the Numbering of Circulars seems to cease ; in addition series of Circulars on specific topics that were numbered become unnumbered Memoranda or Circulars, sometimes with a date, at other times without....all a little frustrating having had a year, 1860, when they appear to be well organised.


Admiralty, 31st January 1861

Award of the Beaufort Testimonial.


Admiralty, 1st March 1861

Regulations for the Admission of Seaman and Marines to Greenwich Hospital.

Circular No. 457.

Circular No. 458.

Circular No. 459.

Circular No. 460.

Circular No. 461.

Circular No. 462.

Circular No. 463.

Circular No. 464.

Circular No. 465.

Circular No. 466.

Circular No. 467.

Circular No. 468.

Circular No. 469.

Circular No. 470.

Circular No. 471.

Admiralty, 7th May, 1861.

Relative Ranks of Officers of the Navy and Army.


Admiralty, 25th May, 1862.

Payment of Committees &c..

Circular No. 16 N.

Admiralty, 17th June, 1862.

Engagements for Continuous Service.

Memorandum No. 17 C.

Admiralty, 25th August, 1862.

Passing for Lieutenants and Masters.

Memorandum (late) No. 31 E.

Admiralty, 25th March, 1863 ?

Bills of Exchange. &c.

Circular (late) No. 64 P.

Cancelling Circular No. 40.

Admiralty, 21st October, 1863.

Field Allowance to Naval Forces.

Admiralty, 2nd January, 1864.

Regulations under which Boys are Entered.

Circular No. 48 P.

Admiralty, 18th June, 1863.

Staff Commanders' and Masters' Greenwich Out-Pensions.

Circa December, 1864.

Information for Military and Naval Officers Proposing to settle in certain Colonies.

Memorandum No. 44 M.

Admiralty, 10th October, 1863 ?

Assistance to be Rendered to the Acclimatisation Society.

Memorandum (late) No. 47.

Admiralty, 4th December, 1863 ?

Naval Medical Supplemental Fund.

Circular (late) No. 60 W.

Admiralty, 12th October, 1863 ?

The Education and Promotion of the Engineers of the Royal Navy.

Regulations for Entry of Seamen into the Coast Guard.

Regulations under which Ordinary Pensions are Awarded to Petty Officers and Seamen.

Circular (late) No. 5 N.

Admiralty, 9th February, 1864 ?

Discharge by Purchase.

Circular No. 6 L.

Admiralty, 19th February, 1864 ?


Circular No. 7 C.

Admiralty, 22?? February, 1864 ?

Half Pay.

22 January 1864.

Oriental Languages - R.N. Officers.

Circular No. 11 M M.

Admiralty, 15th April, 1864.


Circular No. 25 P.

Admiralty, 1st July, 1864.

Improved Scale of Pensions to Widows of Naval Instructors and Chief Gunners, Boatswains, and Carpenters.

Circular No. 32 C.

Admiralty, 12th July, 1864.

Sea Service.

Circular No. 28 W.

Admiralty, 25th July, 1864.

Retirement of Certain Classes of Officers.

Circular No. 30 W.

Admiralty, 25th July, 1864.

New Class of Officers Created from List of Warrant Officers.

Circular No. 31 N.

Admiralty, 28th July, 1864.

Re-Engagement of Royal Marines.

Circular No. 32 M.

Admiralty, 3rd August, 1864.

The Blue Ensign - Naval Reserve Flag.

Circular No. 35 S.

Admiralty, 5th August, 1864.

Distinguishing Flags and Pennants.

Circular No. 36 N.

Admiralty, 10th August, 1864.

Men Whose Engagements Expire, or who may be Awarded Pensions, While Serving.

Circular No. 36 C.

Admiralty, 10th August, 1864.

Classification of Gunnery Lieutenants.

Circular No. 38 N.

Admiralty, 6th October, 1864.

Entry in New Naval Police Force.

Circular No. 40 M M.

Admiralty, 14th October, 1864.

Mess Contributions for Families of Army Officers.

Circular No. 41 W.

Admiralty, 22nd October, 1864.

Rank of Naval Instructors.

Circular No. 47 P.

Admiralty, 1st December 1864.

Pensions for the Widows of Chaplains.

Circular No. 1 N.

Admiralty, 23rd January 1865.

Good Conduct Badges.

Circular No. 3 P.

Admiralty, 21st February 1865.

Improved Scale of Pensions to Widows of Naval Instructors.

Circular No. 5 M M.

Admiralty, 27th February 1865.

Health of Crews of Her Majesty's Ships.

Circular No. 8 P.

Admiralty, 10th March 1865.

Chief Gunners. Chief Boatswains, Chief Carpenters.

Circular No. 12 W.

Admiralty, 17th April 1865.

Staff Commanders and Masters, Removals from the Active List.

Circular No. 15 M.

Admiralty, 23rd May 1865.

Officers' Uniform.

Circular No. 16 W.

Admiralty, 6th June 1865.

Examination for Naval Instructor.

Memorandum No. .

Admiralty, January, 1864 ?

Regulations for the Examination of Gentlemen Preparatory to their Receiving Commissions in the Royal Marines.

Circular No. 19 C.

Admiralty, 21st June 1865.

Meritorious Passing for the Rank of Lieutenant.

Circular No. 20 C.

Admiralty, 23rd June 1865.

Regulations for Officers Desirous of Employment as Interpreters.

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