Payment of Monthly Allowance Money to Men Newly Entered from the Shore.

Circular No. 361.
Admiralty, 21st April, 1859.

My Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty having had under consideration the existing regulations under which Monthly Allowance money is paid to the Crews of Her Majesty's Ships, and being desirous of giving to all men who enter Her Majesty's Navy an earlier opportunity of receiving a portion of their wages, so as to enable them to provide themselves with necessaries, and to contribute to the support of their families and relatives, without incurring debts ; I am commanded by my Lords to signify their direction, that henceforth every man newly entered from the shore who does not prefer to await the payment of Advance of Wages, may receive the proportion of Monthly Allowance Money to which his rating entitles him, immediately after the expiration of the first month from the date of his entry, instead of being obliged to wait six months as required by the instructions now in force, and that a similar payment be made to him at the end of every succeeding month.

In cases of men incurring heavy charges for desertion or straggling, the Captain of the ship may withhold the payment of this Monthly Allowance Money until the state of the men's accounts will admit of their receiving it, without bringing them two months' pay into debt. As the men will thus early be placed in possession of a portion of their wages, which will probably amount to as much or more than the sum they would be entitled to as Advance before the ship they belong to proceeds to sea, my Lords, further direct that such men as may receive this prompt payment of Monthly. Allowance Money shall not be paid Advance, but they may elect either to be paid the Monthly Allowance Money, or to forego it in consideration of their being paid the usual Advance before the ship proceeds to sea.

By Command of their Lordships,
H. Corry.
To all Commanders-in-Chief, Captains, and Commanding Officers of Her Majesty’s Ships and Vessels.

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