Changes made to allow Men borne as Disposable Supernumeraries to allot monies to families

Circular No. 252

Admiralty 15 May 1856.

Their Lordships' attention having been called to the hardships experienced by men borne for lengthened periods in Her Majestyís Ships, as Disposable Supernumeraries, and by their families, owing to their not receiving their wages, and not being permitted to allot while so borne, are pleased to direct

that, as a general rule, the earliest opportunity is to be taken of putting such men into vacancies, as they occur, in the complements of Her Majesty's Ships, and, further, that Petty Officers and Seamen borne as Disposable Supernumeraries, for whom no vacancies can be found, shall, after being so

borne for a period of not less than Three Months, be paid an even sum, on account of the wages due to them, care being taken that they are not thereby brought into debt, it being understood that these payments are to applied by the men for the support of their families, as a substitute for an allotment.

Disposable Supernumeraries may also be paid Monthly Allowance, in addition to these Payments on Account, but care is to be taken that the proportion prescribed by Article 5, at page 4 of the Circular No. 163, be never exceeded.

Payments on Account, with all other charges, are to be placed against the men's names on the Supernumerary List, and transferred with them to the Ship of whose crew they may become a part, to be recovered on her Pay Book, and My Lords will hold the Captain and Paymasters of the ships on board which the payments are made responsible for their being correctly charged on the documents by which the Supernumeraries are transferred to other ships.

By Command of their Lordships

R. Osborne

To all Commanders in Chief, Captains, and Commanding Officers of H.M. Ships and Vessels.

Circular No. 352

Pay and Allotments of Disposable Supernumeraries on board Her Majesty's Ships.

Admiralty, 23 December, 1858.

1. My Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty having had under consideration the present position of men borne on the books of Her Majestyís ships as Supernumeraries for Victuals only, disposable for General Service, and frequently for lengthened periods, to be discharged into other ships with original entry and charges, instead of being paid in the ships in which they have served as Supernumeraries ; and their Lordships being desirous of affording to such men every facility for making Allotments, and thus providing for the support of their families, are pleased to direct that in future all such men shall be borne as Supernumeraries for Wages and Victuals, and that they be permitted to allot, and to receive their Wages, in the same manner as if they formed part of the ship's complement.

2. My Lords further direct, that whenever such men shall be discharged, they shall be paid their Wages by Ticket or Pay List, as the case may require, for the time they have been borne as Supernumeraries, and that their Allotments be transferred with them ; or the men may reallot immediately, if necessary, so that there shall be no break in the Allotment payable.

3. By these means the practice of discharging men with original entry and charges will cease, and the date of every manís entry onboard the ship he is discharged into will be that of his appearance on board.

4. In flag-ships where the books and accounts are kept under the new system, and in other ships where there are many Supernumeraries, an additional Record Book is to be opened in lieu of List 14, to contain the names of ail Supernumeraries (except those borne permanently for special duties, or as crews of tenders, whose names must be entered on the ordinary Record Book for the ship's complement) ; and a separate Pay Book and Charge List, and the necessary documents connected therewith, to correspond with the additional Record Book, is to be prepared and transmitted at the same time with the ship's Pay Book. In those ships where an additional Record Book is not required, such Supernumeraries are to be entered on List No. 14.

5 In ships whose books and accounts are still kept on the old system, all such men are to be borne as Supernumeraries for Wages and Victuals, and their names must be inserted in the ship's Complete Book and in the Pay Book.

8. These Regulations are not to apply to men who are merely lent from one ship to another, and consequently only checked on their own ship's Books.

7. My Lords are pleased to order that these Regulations shall take effect from 1st January 1859, or from the earliest date possible after the receipt of this Circular.

By Command of the Lordships,

H. Corry

To all Commanders in Chief, Captains and Commanding Officers of H.M. Ships and Vessels.

Circular No. 454.
Admiralty, 20th November, 1860.

Allotments of Disposable Supernumeraries.

The attention of my Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty having been drawn to the inconvenience experienced in the Department of the Accountant-General of the Navy, from the want of regular notice of the transfer of Disposable Supernumeraries who have allotments in force, and also of the stoppage, or reduction of their allotments ; their Lordships have been pleased to establish a Form (which may be obtained on application in the usual manner) to be used on board Her Majesty's Ships for the regulation of such allotments. Their Lordships therefore direct that the same shall be brought into use as soon as possible, and transmitted to the Accountant-General of the Navy monthly, with the Monthly Return.

By Command of their Lordships
C. Paget
To all Commanders-in-Chief, &c.

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