Assistance to be Rendered to the Acclimatisation Society.

Memorandum No. 44 M.
Admiralty, 10th October, 1863.

My Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty, having had under their consideration the important question of Acclimatisation, are pleased to direct that so far as is consistent with the requirements of the public service, and upon the distinct understanding that no expense whatever is incurred, every facility is to be given by the Commanding Officers of Her Majesty's ships and vessels to any accredited agent of the Acclimatisation Society, who may apply to them through any of Her Majesty's Foreign Ministers or Consuls, or through the Governor of any of Her Majesty's Colonies, for the transport of specimens.

The annexed copy of a circular addressed by permission of the Secretaries of State for Foreign Affairs and for the Colonies to Her Majesty's Foreign Ministers and Consuls and

Colonial Governors, in various parts of the world, will explain the objects which the Society has in view.

By Command of their Lordships,
C. Paget.
To all Flag Officers, &c.
Not included : see Navy List of 1863.

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