Regulations for the Admission of Seaman and Marines to Greenwich Hospital

Admiralty, 1st March 1861

  1. That the number of Pensioners be, for the present, limited to 1600.
  2. That no man be deemed eligible for admission. who does not fall under one of the following descriptions, viz. :-
    1. Seamen and Marines whether in the Royal Navy or Merchant Service, who from wounds received in fight against any enemy, pirate. or rebel, or from bodily injury by accident, while engaged in the Service of the Crown, have become incapable of maintaining themselves.
    2. Seamen and Marines entitled to an Out-Pension of not less than 9 for life, who through Age, Imbecility, or Disease, have become incapable of maintaining themselves.
    3. Seamen and Marines of good character, by age unfit for further Service at Sea, who shall have a combined service in the Royal Navy and Navel Reserve, of 21 years : two years in the Naval Reserve to count as one year in the Navy, and one year of War Service to count as one year and a-half of ordinary Service.
    4. Seamen and Marines of good Character who do not come under the foregoing conditions but who may have performed Good Service for which they shall have been specially recommended, and are unfit for further Service at sea and incapable of maintaining themselves, may he admitted, but only by special order of the Board of Admiralty. The time to be reckoned as in Article 3.
  3. That when there is a vacancy, admission shall be absolute for those who fall under description 1 ; and that the claims of those who fall under any of the other descriptions shall be decided according to the extent of injury, the circumstances under which it was received and the character and length of service of the claimant.

Weekly Allowance to pensioners.

1st Class.- Petty Officers of the Royal Navy and Non-Commissioned Officers of Marines

5s. a week.

2nd Class.- Seamen and Marines, with Pensions of 15 a year and up wards

4s. a week.

3rd Class.- Seamen and Marines with Pensions of less than 15 a year, or without Pensions

2s. a week

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