Limiting to 2 Years the Time for Out-Pensioners of Greenwich Hospital to apply for arrears of Pension

Order in Council
10 May 1860

Whereas we have had under our consideration the existing Rules and Regulations under which naval and marine Out Pensioners of Greenwich Hospital are allowed to claim arrears of pension; and whereas we are humbly of opinion that it would tend to the benefit of Your Majesty's Service if the period for which such Pensioners are allowed to receive arrears were limited to two years; we do therefore humbly recommend that Your Majesty will be graciously pleased by your Order in Council to direct that the period for which Pensioners may be allowed to claim such arrears be limited to two years accordingly, excepting in the cases of those Pensioners now serving or who may hereafter serve in Your Majesty's Navy who may claim all arrears accruing during the periods of such service, in addition to arrears for two years, and also excepting all cases where such proof shall be rendered, as to us may seem satisfactory, that the delay in making the claim has arisen from unavoidable causes.

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