Bills of Exchange. &c.

Memorandum (late) No. 31 E.
Admiralty, 25th March, 1863.

My Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty have been pleased to establish the following regulations relative to Naval Payments and the mode of drawing Bills, in lieu of those laid down in their Memorandum, dated 3rd July, 1855 (?) ; and all Officers, Naval, Civil, and others who are connected with Naval Works. Purchase of Stores, or payments of whatever kind, are hereby required and directed to govern themselves accordingly, and to issue such instructions as the case may require.

  1. All Bills are to be issued and drawn at the uniform term of three days.
  2. Navy Bills issued for supplies of Provisions, Victualling, Medical and Naval Stores, Freight, and generally for all Contract Works and supplies, are to be made out payable three days after date.
  3. All Bills of Exchange drawn on the Accountant-General of the Navy, and accepted by him payable on the Bill Account of H. M. Paymaster-General at the Bank of England, are to be drawn at three days after sight, instead of seven days as at present, and the forms now in use are to be altered accordingly.

These regulations are to come into operation on the 1st day of April next, and are not to interfere with any Contract or Engagement in which it may be stipulated that payment shall be made by Bills at sight.

By command of their Lordships.
G. Paget.
To all Commander-in-Chief, &c.

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