Coaling Issues

Circular No. 445.
Admiralty, 30th August, 1860.

My Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty having had under their consideration the gratuitous issues of duck, shoes, and soap on board Her Majesty's Steam Vessels, observe that the regulation which confines such issues to those of the Crew whom the Captain may select as the persons to be employed in Coaling is in practice widely departed from ; my Lords are therefore pleased to direct that in all Steam Vessels hereafter to be commissioned the existing orders on the subject are to be considered as cancelled, and the following regulations to be observed, viz. :-

There shall be supplied, gratuitously, to every working petty officer, seaman, marine, and 1st class boy, including permanent supernumeraries, one pair of shoes and 7 yards of Canvas No. 8, with materials for making one frock and a pair of trousers, the same to be obtained from the Victualling Yards, and issued by the Paymaster, but never, on any account, from the Sea Store in charge of the Boatswain with the Government mark.

If the dress, however, should at any time be lost or destroyed by unfair usage, another is to be supplied, and the value thereof charged against the man's wages, at the sate of 10d. per yard.

At the expiration of three years from the date of issue, with the special sanction of their Lordships, canvas and materials for a new dress are to be furnished, provided it be found, on examination, that the old one has been fairly worn out.

It is, however, to be distinctly understood that a second issue at the end of three years will not be made to vessels about to be put out of commission.

On every occasion of Coaling lb. of soap shall be given to each of the persons in the above classes.

These gratuitous issues are to be entered in the margin of the Charge Book, and, on men being discharged to other ships, the date on which they were supplied with canvas and shoes is to be noted on their transfer lists and pay documents.

Quarterly statements of the issues are to be sent into Office in Form No. 28.

By Command of Their Lordships,
W. G. Romaine.
To all Commanders-in-Chief, &c.

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