Promotion of Officers from the Coast Guard Service

4 Feb 1861
Whereas by Your Majesty's Order in Council of the 1st August, 1860, we are empowered to promote, either to the Active or Retired Lists as may be considered advisable, such officers as may be annually recommended to us for promotion for good service in the Coast Guard or in Revenue Cruizers; such officers, if placed on the Retired List, to receive an amount of retired pay graduated according to their length of service, as defined by the provisions of Your Majesty's said Order in Council. But whereas cases may occur in which, though the conduct of an officer may have been such as to render him eminently deserving of promotion, the nature of his previous service may, nevertheless, have been such as to debar him from receiving any additional pecuniary advantage, thus probably rendering his advancement a disadvantage to him rather than a boon. In order therefore to prevent the occurrence of such possible cases of hardship, and also to serve as an incitement to officers employed in the protection of the revenue to discharge the important duties entrusted to them with zeal and earnestness, we would humbly submit to Your Majesty that in future such officers as may be promoted for good service in the Coast Guard to the Retired List be allowed to reckon the time they may have served in the Coast Guard as Sea Time.

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