Regulations Respecting Rewards for the Apprehension of Deserters and Stragglers

(Extract from Admiralty Instructions.)

3. No reward shall be offered or paid for the apprehension of any Commission, Subordinate, or Warrant Officer, unless with the permission of the Commander-in-Chief or senior Officer present.

4. In cases of Desertion, a reward not exceeding 3, and in cases of Straggling not exceeding 1, is to be paid to the person by whom the Deserter or Straggler may be brought on board the Ship to which he belongs, or delivered up to any Naval Officer authorised to receive him at the port from which he may have deserted, or to which be may have been ordered to be sent ; but no such reward can he paid to any person belonging to the Fleet, nor to any other person for the apprehension of Deserter or Stragglers within the Precincts of a port or place where there is a regularly organised Naval Police force. The sum of 3 is to be paid only for the apprehension of men who have been arrested within three months from the date of their having deserted, and 2 after the expiration of that time.

In addition to the reward to be given for the apprehension of Deserters and Stragglers (which, at the time of payment, is to be charged against them), there shall be paid to the persons bringing them on board, such expenses attending their lodgment, subsistence, and travelling as may appear to have been fairly incurred, and to be in accordance with such regulations as the Admiralty may, from time to time, establish on this head.

Admiralty, 8th May 1862.

Deserters - Rewards and Expenses

Applications frequently being made to my Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty by Police Constables for repayment of the expenses incurred by them when conveying deserters to their ships, or to the Flag Ships at the Home Ports ; and also for the payment of Rewards for the apprehension of such Deserters; my Lords desire that Commanding Officers of Her Majesty's Ships will strictly adhere to the course laid down in the 3rd and 4th Articles of Chapter 27 of the Queen's Regulations and Admiralty Instructions for the Government of Her Majesty's Naval Service, pages 213 and 214 ; and pay at the time to the person bringing the Deserter or Straggler to his Ship or to the Flag Ship, the reward which may in such case be due ; and also such expenses as may have been fairly incurred for lodgment, subsistence, and travelling.

By Command of their Lordships.
C. Paget.
To all Commanders-in-Chief, &c.

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