Appointment, &c, of a Director of Education of the Navy.

Order in Council
28 Jul 1864
Whereas we have had under our consideration the advantages that would he conferred upon Your Majesty's Naval Service by having an officer attached to this Department who should inspect periodically the educational establishments in Your Majesty's dockyards in ships at the home ports and at the divisions of Royal Marines, who should examine candidates for admission into the Royal School of Naval Architecture, hold periodical examinations of engineers and engineer students, &c., and further advise us upon all questions of education which we may from time to time think fit to refer to him, and whereas we are humbly of opinion that the gentleman selected for this appointment should be designated "Director of Education for the Admiralty," and should receive a salary and allowance amounting together to the sum of 900/. per annum.

We do therefore most humbly beg leave to submit that Your Majesty will be graciously pleased to sanction, by Your Majesty's Order in Council, the appointment of a "Director of Education for the Admiralty" accordingly. The Lords Commissioners of Your Majesty's Treasury having given their concurrence to this arrangement, it is proposed that the same should take effect from the 1st instant.

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