Naval Knights of Windsor Exempt from the Provisions of the Order in Council of 1 Aug 1860

4 Feb 1861
Whereas, by Your Majesty's Order in Council of 1st August, I860, it is provided that such Lieutenants in Your Majesty's Fleet, as have attained, or may thenceforth attain, the age of Sixty, shall be placed on a Retired List with the rank of Commander:

And whereas, cases may occur, in which, by the operation of the said Order in Council, old and deserving Lieutenants may be disqualified from holding the appointment of a Naval Knight of Windsor, we would humbly submit to Your Majesty that such Lieutenants of the Royal Navy as may now hold, or who may hereafter accept or hold the appointment in question, may at the discretion of the Admiralty be exempted from the provision in the Order in Council to which we have humbly referred.

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