Lieutenants : Promotion of One Annually, from Admiralty Mail Agents - 1857

7 Feb 1857
Whereas having had under our consideration the services of the Lieutenants of Your Majesty's Navy employed as Admiralty Agents on board Contract Mail Steam-vessels, we propose annually to select for promotion to the rank of Commander one Lieutenant so employed; the selection to be made either on account of long and good service, of meritorious conduct on some special occasion, or on account of injury received by the officer in the execution of his duty; but inasmuch as, from the average age of the Lieutenants employed on this service, it may be presumed that the officer so promoted would not long be available for active employment, we would humbly submit to Your Majesty that such promotion be made to the Reserved List of Commanders, irrespective of any vacancies on that List, but that on the death of any officer so promoted his vacancy shall not be filled up.

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