Pensions to Widows of Naval Instructors and Chief Warrant Officers

Order in Council
10th June 1864.

We having had under Our consideration the present amount of pension granted to the Widows of Naval Instructors of Your Majesty's Fleet; namely, the uniform rate of 50/. a-year, whatever the seniority of the officer may be, are humbly of opinion that the pensions to the Widows of these officers should be assimilated to those of the widows of the other Civil Officers of the Royal Navy, and placed upon the scale established for the widows of Chaplains under Your Majesty's Order in Council of the 22nd February 1860, provided they shall have been 10 years on the List, and subject to the same conditions as Commissioned Officers. The following is the scale in question:

  Ordinary Pension If killed in action Special pension
Under 15 years service on full pay 50 80 65

15 years service and upwards on full pay

70 120 100

My Lords would also most humbly propose that the following scale of pensions should be established for the Widows of the new class of Warrant Officers, to be called Chief Warrant Officers, viz.:

Ordinary pension, 30.; if killed in action, 45.: special pension, 40.

And that Your Majesty will be graciously pleased by Your Order in Council to establish the same accordingly.

The Lords Commissioners of Your Majesty's Treasury have expressed their concurrence therein.

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