Establishing New Regulations for the Government of the Navy - 1861
IE Revised Queens Regulations and Admiralty Instructions

Order in Council
25 July 1861
Whereas the alterations that have been made from time to time in the Regulations for conducting Your Majesty's Naval Service since they were established by Your Majesty's Order in Council of 23rd August, 1843, have rendered it necessary to make a general revision of the regulations then established, we beg leave most humbly to present herewith for Your Majesty's consideration and sanction a copy of the regulations proposed, and which contain all existing orders and regulations for the governance of Your Majesty's Naval Service, and should Your Majesty be graciously pleased to approve the same, we beg leave most humbly to submit that we may be authorized to abrogate and annul so much of the existing Orders in Council, regarding the regulation of Your Majesty's Naval Service at sea, as may be inconsistent with those now proposed, and we further submit that Your Majesty will be pleased to authorize and direct us, or the Commissioners for executing the Office of Lord High Admiral for the time being, to frame and establish from time to time such further detailed orders and instructions, supplementary to and in accordance with these Your Majesty's general regulations as from time to time we may find to be necessary.

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