No Period of Time to Count for Pension during which a Seaman or Marine shall not have Maintained a Good Character in his Ship or Division.

Order in Council
21 Mar 1862

We beg leave most humbly to represent to Your Majesty that by the Regulations governing the grant of pensions to Seamen and Marines, which were in force prior to Your Majesty's Order in Council of the 25th July last, it was provided that "no period of time shall be allowed during which a Seaman or Marine shall not have maintained a good character in the ship or division to which he belonged;" but by the new Regulations established by the said Order in Council, although the rule is enforced as regards the Seamen of the Fleet, it has not in express terms been made applicable to Marines; and whereas we are humbly of opinion that it is desirable for the good discipline of the Naval Service that the rule in question should, as heretofore, be made applicable both to Seamen and Marines; we therefore request that Your Majesty will be graciously pleased to re-establish by your Order in Council the said rule accordingly.

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