Naval Schoolmasters Established - 1862

Order in Council

26th April, 1862.

Naval Schoolmasters Established.

We beg leave most humbly to represent to Your Majesty that having had under our consideration the condition of the education afforded to the Seamen and Boys of Your Majesty's Navy, which we have reason to believe has not advanced in proportion to that given in schools generally under Government inspection or that of Your Majesty's land forces, we are induced to submit that Your Majesty may be graciously pleased by your Order in Council to authorize the adoption of the following rates of pay and retiring allowances for such persons as may hereafter be appointed Naval Schoolmasters for Your Majesty's Service, with a view to obtain more efficient teachers, viz.:—

Class Pay per diem With an Annual Gratuity contingent on Good Conduct
  £ s. d.  
1st Class 0 4 0 Under 7 years’ service , £12 0s. 0d.
7 years and upwards , £18 0s. 0d.
14 years and upwards , £24 0s. 0d.
2nd Class 0 3 0
3rd Class 0 2 0

Pension after 21 years’ service as Schoolmaster:-

Class per annum  
  £ s. d.  
1st Class 36 10 0 Increasing after 3 years’ service in the 1st Class at the rate of £1 per annum up to £50.
2nd Class 31 18 9 Increasing after 3 years’ service in the 2nd Class at the rate of 17s. 6d. per annum up to £40.
3rd Class 27 7 6 -

We beg to add that the Lords Commissioners of Your Majesty's Treasury concur in this recommendation.

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