Classification, Pay, and Allowances of Ships' Stewards.

Order in Council
1st March, 1864.

Whereas we have considerable difficulty in obtaining trustworthy and careful persons to fill the situation of Ship's Steward in Your Majesty's Ships, owing to the present low rate of pay allowed to that class of persons, which, in our opinion, is inadequate to ensure an honest discharge of their duties, considering that they have great opportunities for peculation; and whereas we consider that the best way of remedying the evil will be by improving the condition of these Stewards, with a view to encourage men of integrity and superior education to enter the Service: We humbly beg that Your Majesty will be graciously pleased, by Your Order in Council, to authorize us to make a new classification of the Ship's Stewards of Your Majesty's Navy, to consist of three grades only, with the following scale of pay and allowances, from the 1st April next:

Table in original order in Council

  For service in Pay
per diem
Allowance for Charge of Victualling Stores
per diem
per diem
    s. d. s. d. s. d.
1st Class 1st, 2nd and 3rd Rates, Harbour and Training Ships 3 0 3 0 6 0
2nd Class 4th, 5th and 6th Rates 2 6 2 3 4 9
3rd Class Sloops and smaller vessels 2 0 1 6 3 6

The Lords Commissioners of Your Majesty's Treasury having signified their approval of this arrangement.

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