Circular No. 34.-S.
Admiralty, 16th October, 1866.

The following regulation is to be observed with regard to Cabins in H.M. Ships:-

Special Cabins will be provided as heretofore for the Senior Executive Officer, and the Staff Commander or Master.

Other Cabins will be numbered in accordance with directions given in each case to the officers of the Dockyards, and such numbers are not to be displaced.

When a Ship is commissioned the Cabins are to be appropriated consecutively to the Officers according to their seniority, irrespective of Executive Rank.

On Cabins subsequently becoming vacant, no changes are to be made but such as may be optional on the part of Officers - such option being taken by seniority, on the complement being completed but no officer in occupation of a Cabin is to be compelled to shift his cabin against his will, on a Senior Officer joining.

The Cabin especially appropriated to the Accountant Department is under no circumstances to he interfered with.

By command of their Lordships.
To all Commanders-in-Chief, &c.
Henry G. Lennox

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