Circular No 21-C.

Admiralty, 8th March, 1870.

With reference to the Regulations respecting Naval Cadets contained in Circular No. 3 of the 6th January, 1870, my Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty are pleased to issue the following Regulations in regard to the Entry, Passage to England, and Pay, &c, of Colonial Cadets.

1. Cadets examined in the Flag Ships abroad will, if they pass, be entered as Supernumeraries for Victuals only, and sent home if any Man-of-War or Transport about to leave for England, to join the "Britannia." In the event of no such ship being about to leave for England, passage, including mess at public expense, is to be provided for them by Mail Packet, or by private Ship; the latter being preferred where the Packet fares are high.

2. They will not count time or receive pay until they join the "Britannia" and arrangements are to be made that, if possible, they may arrive in England a short time before the commencement of a term, i.e. before the 1st February or the 31st August; and Parents are to arrange for the payments, on their account, being received by the Accountant-General prior to the Cadets joining the "Britannia."

By Command of their Lordships

To all Commanders-in.Chief, &c. Vernon Lushington

Source: Navy List for June 1870

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