Admiralty Circular

7 August 1869

As a general rule all ordinary passages and all cruizing under steam, except for special steam tactics, are to be performed at rates of speed between four and five knots.

No ship, unless ordered to be at a given port by a given date, or unless her safety would be endangered by observing this rule, is ever to steam when she has a fair wind capable of sending her at four or five knots, or when she has a foul wind, or when she has a foul wind sufficiently strong to prevent her carrying royals, unless when going in or out of harbour.

The maximum supply of coal is to be limited, and the best speed obtainable at that limitation is to be strictly enforced on all ordinary occasions, as follows :-

For ships which have engines between: the maximum consumption of ordinary occasions is to be limited to:
1,200 and 1,350 horse power 25 cwt. per hour.
1,000 and less than 1,200 22 cwt. per hour.
800 and less than 1,000 20 cwt. per hour.
500 and less than 800 18 cwt. per hour.

When ships have a fair wind and are using steam, the consumption of coal ought to be reduced.

When ever it is allowed, as it often is, to increase, the coal is being wastefully burnt.

Source: Navy List for June 1870

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