Circular No. 5.-N.

Admiralty, 9th February, 1864.

My Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty are pleased to lay down the following regulations on this subject, for future guidance:

All continuous service men and boys who may hereafter be granted their discharge before the determination of their continuous service engagements are to be charged a fixed sum of 12 for such discharge, in lieu of the rates prescribed by the Queen's Regulations, page 350, with the exception of boys in the first year of their service, who are only to pay 8.

Bounty and half-bounty men, whether continuous service men or not, if granted their discharge prior to the expiration of their five years' engagement, are to refund one-fifth of their bounty money for every year of their service remaining to be completed.

The payments for all discharges are to be settled on board ship, without reference to the Accountant-General's Department, except in cases of doubt or difficulty ; and the Paymasters will be held responsible for any deficiencies.

Note:- Time forfeited by desertion or imprisonment will not count as service under an engagement.

No discharges will be allowed on Foreign Stations, except under pressing circumstances, when the decision will rest with the Commander-in-Chief.

On the Home Station a quarterly return in the following form, signed by the Captain and Paymaster, is to be sent to the Accountant General by all Ships in Commission, and a similar kind of return is to be sent by Ships on paying off.

Her Majesty's Ship DISCHARGES granted during the Quarter ending 186_.
Number on Ship's Books NAME Rating Number if a Continuous Service Man. Amount Paid Date



The Accountant General,
By command of their Lordships
C. Paget

To all Commanders-in-Chief. &c.

Source: Navy List for June 1870

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