Having reference to length of service and good conduct, shall be conferred on persons holding the under mentioned ratings, for which they will be entitled to an increase of Pay at the rate of one penny per day for each Badge so conferred, viz.:-

[Read as in 2 columns - the second following on from the first]

CHIEF PETTY OFFICERS Second Captain of the Main Top
Master-at-Arms * Second Captain of the Fore Top
Chief Gunner's Mate Signalman
Chief Boatswain's Mate Second Captain of the Afterguard
Chief Captain of the Forecastle Captain of the Mizen Top
Admiral's Coxswain Sailmaker's Mate
Chief Quartermaster Coxswain of the Cutter
Chief Yeoman of Signals Cooper
Chief Carpenter's Mate Caulker's Mate
Ship's Cook Painter, Second Class
Chief Bandmaster Plumber's Mate
- Sick Berth Attendant
- Musician
Ship's Corporals *  
Gunner's Mate Leading Seaman
Boatswain's Mate Shipwright
Captain's Coxswain Yeoman of Store Rooms
Captain of the Forecastle Second Captain of the Hold
Quartermaster Sailmaker's Crew
- Blacksmith's Crew
Yeoman of the Signals Tinsmith
Coxswain of the Launch Armourer's Crew
Captain of Main Top Carpenter's Crew
Captain of the Fore Top Cooper's Crew
Captain of the Afterguard Plumber's Crew
Captain of the Hold Able Seaman
Sailmaker Bandman
Ropemaker Butcher
Carpenter's Mate Lamp Trimmer
Caulker Engine Room Artificers
Blacksmith -
Armourer -
Plumber -
Painter, First Class --------------------
Sick Berth Steward Leading Stoker
Bandmaster Stoker and Coal Trimmer
SECOND CLASS WORKING PETTY OFFICERS Second Class Stoker and Coal Trimmer
Coxswain of the Barge ROYAL MARINES
Coxswain of the Pinnace Corporal and Bombardier
Captain of the Mast Drummer and Bugler
Second Captain of the Forecastle Private and Gunner
* May receive badges, but not entitled to pay for them, but men serving in the ratings of Master-at-Arms or Ship's Corporal previous to the 15th July 1860, who may receive badges, are entitled to pay

Source: Navy List for June 1870

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