Circular No. 19.-C.

Admiralty, 21st June, 1865

With a view to encourage Officers to acquire a thorough knowledge of professional and other useful subject, My Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty have thought fit to establish the following regulations:-

A Lieutenant's Commission will be given, in June and December of each year, to the Sub-Lieutenant who has passed the best examination at the Royal Naval College during the preceding six months, provided be has obtained First Class Certificates in Seamanship and Gunnery, and not less than 925 marks in the College Examination. He must also be recommended by the Examining Officers, and must possess Certificates of good conduct and zeal in the performance of his duties for the whole period of his service.

The class of Certificate obtained will be noted against the Sub-Lieutenants' names in the Navy List, and those who have obtained First Class Certificates in all subjects, and who are in possession of proofs of good conduct and zeal in the performance of their duties during the whole period of their service, will he favourably considered for promotion in advance of other Sub-Lieutenants of the same standing.

My Lords intend to bestow a prize of books on all Sub-Lieutenants who may obtain First Class Certificates in all subjects. By Command of their Lordships,

C. Paget.

Source: Navy List for June 1870

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