Circular No. 16.-W.

Admiralty, 6th June, 1865.

The Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty are pleased to direct that the following Regulations relative to the examination of Candidates for the rank of Naval Instructor in the Royal Navy, be substituted for those now in force :

A Candidate for an appointment as Naval Instructor must not be under 20, nor above 35 years of age. He will be examined at the Royal Naval College, under the directions [of] the Admiralty, and must be duly qualified in the following subjects, viz.:

I. Arithmetic and Algebra.

II. The first Four and Sixth Books of Euclid.

III. Plane and Spherical Trigonometry, theoretical and practical.

IV. Mechanics, (such parts as do not involve the Differential Calculus.)

V. Hydrostatics, (ditto      ditto      ditto.)

VI. French, and a competent knowledge of the Classics.

Should he allow a due proficiency in the above subjects of the Preliminary Examination, he will receive an order for admission to study at the College in order to qualify himself in the subjects of the Final Examination for Naval Instructor, which will comprise:

VII The College Examination in Navigation, Nautical Astronomy, &c.

VIII Observations with the Sextant, &c., the use of the Azimuth Compass and Chronometers. &c.

Although the knowledge of other modern languages, in addition to French, and of the principles of Drawing is not considered as indispensable, it is very desirable that Naval instructors should be able to give instruction in these branches of education; and preference will be always given to such as possess these attainments. Chaplains serving abroad may, under the directions of the Commander-in-Chief be examined in the foregoing points by competent Officers nominated for the purpose, in the presence of a Captain or Commander. No Chaplain is to be considered eligible for an appointment as Acting Naval Instructor until he shall have passed, in every branch of knowledge referred to, a provisional examination for that office.

By Command of their Lordships,

To all Commander-in-Chief, &c. C. Paget.

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