Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty Memorial to the Queen 3 Aug 1869

Whereas by your Majesty’s order in council of 20 Nov 1861, it is provided that no midshipman shall be promoted to the rank of Lieutenant in your Majesty’s navy until he shall have completed five and a half years’ actual service in the navy, including the time that may be awarded him on leaving the training ship, and shall have attained the full age of 19 years : and whereas we think it will be beneficial to reduce such period of service to five years, as we have extended the period of training in the training ship to three years, two of which will in future be passed on board the harbour training ship, and one on board a sea-going training ship, we humbly beg that your Majesty will be graciously pleased by your order in council to amend the existing rule, by directing that five years, instead of five and a half years, shall be the period of service in the case of cadets entered at or after the examination in December next, requisite to qualify a midshipman for promotion to the rank of lieutenant under the new arrangement, but adhering to the present rule as regards age.

We, moreover, recommend to your Majesty that the course of instruction on board the harbour and sea-going training ships be allowed to reckon as sea time, in such proportion as we may deem expedient.

The Queen, by order in council, dated 7 Aug 1869, at Osborne, has approved the memorial ; and the right hon. Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty are to give the necessary directions herein accordingly.

Source: Navy List for June 1870

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