Passing for Lieutenants and Navigating Lieutenants

Memorandum (late) No. 17.-C.

Admiralty, 26th August 1862.

Midshipmen and Acting Sub-Lieutenants are required pass their several Examinations for the rank of Lieutenant in accordance with the Regulations which were in force at the time when they severally entered Her Majesty's Service.

Officers who entered the Service previously to the 1st May, 1857, are to be allowed the option of passing after Five Years' Service, under the provisions of the late Circular No. 288, paragraph 20. Should they fail to pass under those provisions they will be required again to undergo their several examinations for the rank of Lieutenant at the expiration of Six Year Service; and in no case will Seniority be allowed an Officer from an earlier date than the completion of such Six Years.

Officers who entered the Service between the 1st May, 1857, and April 1860, must pass in accordance with the late Circular No. 288.

The Regulations referred to will be re-Inserted in the Quarterly Navy List.

Navigating Midshipman and Acting Navigating Sub-Lieutenants will nor be required to produce the number of observations mentioned in Article 11, page 63, of the Instructions until May. 1863.

By Command of their Lordships,

C. Paget

Source: Navy List for June 1870

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