The following scale is adopted in awarding the ordinary amount of Long Service Pensions to Petty Officers and Seamen of the Fleet:-

    d. s.  
1   Men to whom only the Ordinary Pension is awarded 0 10 a day
2 Men with 1 good-conduct badge 0 10 "
3 Men with 2 good-conduct badges 0 11 "
4 Men with 3 good-conduct badges 1 0 "
5 Men whose character for the whole period of their service is recorded as "very good," and who have 3 good-conduct badges 1 1 "
6 Men whose character for the whole period of their service is recorded as "very good," but who are not entitled to wear good-conduct badges 0 11 "
7 Men to whom the Long Service Medal is awarded 0 1 " in addition
8 For every 3 years' service with good character after completing time for Pension 0 1 a day, But the maximum ordinary Pension not to exceed 1s. 2d. a day.
* Petty Officers, in addition to the Rates of Pension awarded them as seamen, are allowed for each year's service in the capacity of superior Petty Officer 15s. 2d. a year
- Inferior ditto 7s. 7d. a year

* The above rates are doubled in the case of continuous service of Petty Officers pensioned after 15 or 20 years' service, provided they shall have volunteered for and Served one continued period of not less than Ten Years, and shall be discharged from continuous service with the rating of Petty Officers, and their characters in such rating shall have been Very Good.

The time during which a man may have borne an indifferent or bad character is liable to be forfeited.

Widows of men killed or drowned in the service are allowed a year's pay, according to the husband's rating, from the funds of Greenwich Hospital.

[See Queen's Regulations as to addition for Petty Time.]

Source: Navy List for June 1870

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