Circular No. 24.-N.

Admiralty, 27th May 1867.

The following Regulations are to be established in pursuance of Her Majesty's Order in Council of the 26th February, 1867, and are to take effect from 1st April, 1867:

All Naval Schoolmasters for the future to enter for Continuous Service, and no Candidate to be appointed who has not passed through a recognised Training College, and obtained at least a 3rd Class Certificate.

Pay: To be similar to that of Masters-at-Arms, viz:-

  per diem  
On appointment 4s 0d But no other allowance
After 3 years 4s. 6d But no other allowance
After 6 years 5s 0d But no other allowance
After 9 years 5s 6d But no other allowance
After 12 years 6s 0d But no other allowance

Head Masters of Training Ships to receive 26 a-year in addition, and the usual allowance for Training Pupil Teachers.

*No other ships will bear Head Masters.

NOTE:- Masters-at-Arms at present stop at 5s. a-day, but they will now rise to 6s., as here stated.

Pensions.- After 20 years' service as Naval Schoolmaster:-

Head Masters .. . . .36 10s. 0d. a-year, and 1l. (1) a-year in addition for every years' service beyond 20 years, till they reach a maximum of 50l. (50) a-year.

Other Naval Schoolmasters . 31 18s. 0d. a-year

and 17s. 6d. a-year in addition for each year's service beyond 20 years, till they reach a maximum of 401. (40) a-year.

They will not be entitled to receive their Pensions while serving.



Coat.-Blue Cloth Tunic, with Fall-down Collar. To be Single-breasted. Gilt Naval Buttons, and three on Cuff.

Jacket.-Blue Cloth, and Navy Gilt Buttons.

Cap.-Blue Cloth, with Peak and plain mohair band, but without Device.

Sword and Belt.-As Warrant Officers.


Coat.-Blue Frock Coat, Single-breasted, with Gilt Naval Buttons, but none on Cuff. Head Masters with one row quarter-inch black Braid oil Cuff.

Jacket.-Blue Cloth, without Buttons on Cuff. Braid as above for Head Masters.

Cap.-As Masters-at-Arms.

No Sword.


Masters-at-Arms to rank next above Chief Petty Officers.

Head Naval Schoolmasters to rank with but junior to Warrant Officers, and Ordinary Naval Schoolmasters with Masters-at-Arms.


Naval Schoolmasters to mess with Masters-at-Arms and Writers.

Naval Schoolmasters at present in the Service will be at liberty to enter for Continuous Service under these Regulations, retaining their present Seniority, and antedating their Engagements to the date of their last entry from the shore.

By command of their Lordships

To all Commanders-in-Chief, &c. Henry G. Lennox.

Source: Navy List for June 1870

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