Circular No. 9.-W.

Admiralty 26 Feb 1867.

My Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty are pleased to direct that the examination of Assistant-Surgeons for the rank of Surgeon in the Royal Navy, at the Royal Colleges of Surgeons of England, Edinburgh, or Dublin, or by any other corporate body legally entitled to grant a diploma, shall be discontinued, and that Assistant-Surgeons desirous of qualifying themselves fur the rank of Surgeon, instead of being examined, as at present, by the Deputy Inspector-General attached to the Department of the Medical Director-General of the Navy, shall pass before the Naval Medical Board, periodically summoned by their Lordships for the examination of Candidates fur the appointment of Assistant-Surgeon in the Royal Navy.

These examinations will take place at Somerset House on the first Tuesday in alternate months, commencing with Tuesday, the 5th March, 1867.

By Command of their Lordships, Henry G. Lennox.

Source: Navy List for June 1870

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