Circular, No. 10.-N.

Admiralty, 28th February, 1867.

The rating of "Writer" having been established on board Her Majesty's Ships by Her Majesty's Order in Council of the 2nd instant, my Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty are pleased to issue the following Regulations in regard to it.

Entry.-Writers are to be entered at the following Home Ports when required:

  • Sheerness,
  • Portsmouth, and
  • Devonport,

and all applications for entry are to be be addressed to the Commanders-in-Chief at those Ports.

Qualifications:- Candidates must be between 18 and years of age, and must produce a certificate of respectability and good character.

They are to be examined on board the Flag Ships, before the Captain or Commander, Paymaster, and Naval Instructor in:

  1. Reading
  2. Writing - a good, clear hand indispensable
  3. Arithmetic - first four rules, Simple and Compound
  4. Keeping Accounts neatly and correctly

The Surgeon of the Flag Ship is to certify as to their fitness for service.

            s       s       d     
Pay A-year       Per day        
On Entry, and under 5 years' service 36 10 2 0 3rd Class
5 years and under 10 54 15 3 0 2nd Class

10 years and upwards

91 5 5 0 1st Class

They will be eligible for Pensions, Gratuities, or other beneficial payments, in the same manner as other Petty Officers.

On being entered they will be drafted to Ships, as required, and in the mean time they are to be borne in the Flag or Receiving Ships to learn their duties.

Writers are not to be entered for Continuous Service, and they will be liable to be reduced to a lower class or discharged in case of misconduct.

On being paid off from Ships, they may be discharged to the Flag or Receiving Ships, as Supernumeraries for disposal.

Seamen and Marines of good character may be entered as Writers, with the sanction of their Lordships, although upwards of 25 years of age, and, if pensioners, they may retain their Pensions while serving as Writers.

Writers are to rank and mess with Naval Schoolmasters, and to wear a similar Uniform.

They are to be employed entirely under the direction of the Paymaster, with the approval of the Captain.

By Command of their Lordships,

To all Flag Officers, &c. Henry G. Lennox.

Source: Navy List for June 1870

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