Regulations for the Admission of Sons and Daughters of Deceased or Distressed Commissioned Officers into schools to be Maintained in part at the Expense of Greenwich Hospital Funds

Admiralty (Greenwich Hospital Branch)

28 January 1873.

  1. Sons and daughters of deceased or distressed commissioned officers of the Royal Navy or Marines may be educated and maintained, in part, out of the Funds of Greenwich Hospital, in such schools as shall be approved by the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty, subject to the following restrictions:
    1. The number of boys and girls to be, educated and maintained, in part, shall not, at any one time exceed 50.
    2. The amount to be expended in aid of the education and maintenance of any boy or girl shall not exceed the rate of 20 a-year.
  2. The claims of candidates will be referred to a Committee of Selection appointed by the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty, who will adjudge them in the following order of precedence, giving special consideration to length of service at sea, and the circumstances of the family:
    1. Orphans, both parents dead.
    2. Children of fathers killed, drowned, or deceased in her Majesty's service, or while employed by Her Majesty on board a merchant ship, or in action with an enemy, pirate, or rebel.
    3. Children, whose fathers having served in the Royal Navy or Marines, are dead.
    4. Children, whose fathers are serving, and whose mothers are dead.
    5. Cases not specified in the above classes will be considered according to the services of the fathers, and the state of distress of the children.
  3. Applications will not be received until the candidates have arrived at 10 years of age.
  4. The payments on account of the boys or girls will be made for a period not exceeding five years, provided their conduct and progress be satisfactory; but will in no case be made after the age of eighteen years is attained.
  5. Applications for admission are to be made to the Secretary of the Admiralty (Greenwich Hospital Branch), London, when the necessary forms will be sent, which, when properly filled up, must be returned as directed, with the three following certificates:
    1. A certificate of the marriage of the parents; or, if not attainable, other satisfactory proof thereof.
    2. Register of the child's birth.
    3. A certificate from the clergyman of the parish to which the child belongs, or from the minister of its denomination, or from the master of the school at which the child has been educated, as to its character and moral conduct.
  6. The services of the father upon which the claim is founded will be ascertained at the Admiralty, and due notice will be given without further application, should the child be selected.

By Command of their Lordships.


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