Conspicuous Gallantry Medal

Awarded under Order in Council of 7th of July 1874

List of men of the Royal Navy and Marines to whom the Conspicuous Gallantry Medal has been awarded.

Joseph Screech Gunner's Mate  
Alexander Calder Boatswain's Mate With an annuity of 10.
James Wilson Boatswain's Mate With an annuity of 10.
Henry Godden Captain's Coxswain With an annuity of 10
John Maxwell Captain of the Forecastle With an annuity of 10
William L. Yearworth Captain of the Forecastle  
William Holloway Quarter-master  
Michael Burke Captain of the Maintop  
Henry Ransome Second Captain of the Maintop  
William Sermon Able Seaman  
Dennis Driscoll Able Seaman  
John C. Masters Colour Sergeant, R.M.  
George Taylor Sergeant, R.M.A. With an annuity of 20.
Timothy Waters Sergeant, R.M. With an annuity of 10.
William Dewhurst Gunner, R.M.A.  
William Taylor Gunner, R.M.A.  
William Shipley Gunner, R.M.A.  
Richard Townsend Private, R.M.  
Dominick Gavan Private, R.M.  
Richard Honer Private, R.M.  
George W. Burnett Bugler, R.M.)  
Tom Dollar Coloured Seaman  
Henry Thompson Able Seaman  
Harry Bennett Able Seaman  
David Sloper Able Seaman  

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