Regulations Respecting Assistant Clerks

Entry into the Service

Admiralty, September 1871.

  1. Two examinations for Assistant Clerkships will be held annually at the Royal Naval College, Greenwich, under the direction of the Admiralty Examiners, viz., on the second Wednesday in June, and the third Wednesday in November but the appointments of the successful candidates will date front the 15th July or 15th January following.
  2. No candidate will be eligible for examination in November whose age will not be within the prescribed limits on 10th January following, or for examination in June whose age will not be within the prescribed limits on the 15th July following.
  3. No candidate will be examined who is under 15 or above 17 years of age.
  4. The number of Assistant Clerks to be entered at each examination will be regulated by the requirements of the Service, and their Lordships reserve to themselves power as to the number of Candidates to be nominated to compete for each vacancy.
  5. Every candidate will be required to pass the medical examination according to the prescribed regulations before the Medical Director-General of the Navy and must be found physically fit for the Royal Navy before going up for the educational examination.
  6. He must be in good health and free from any physical defect of body, impediment of speech, defect of sight or hearing, and also from any predisposition to constitutional or hereditary disease or weakness of any kind, and in all respects well developed and active in proportion to his age.

    The decision arrived at by the Medical Officers will be considered final, subject to their Lordships approval.

  7. The candidate will be required to produce (1) a registrar's certificate * of birth or declaration thereof made before a magistrate; (2) a certificate of good conduct from the masters of any schools at which he may have been educated within the two previous years, or, if educated at home, from his tutors or the clergyman of the parish in which he resides ; and (3) a certificate of good health.
  8. * Certificate of Baptism will not be accepted.

  9. The Examination to consist of two parts:
    1. Test.
    2. Voluntary For Competition.
  (a) Test Examination Marks
(1) Writing from Dictation in a legible hand 100
(2) Writing a Letter on a given subject 75
(3) Writing the substance of a chapter, or portion of a chapter read out, taking into consideration the time in which this exercise is performed 75
(4) French. Reading and translation from French into English, and from English into French, and grammar 150
(5) Addition, Simple and Compound, with reference to time 50
(6) Arithmetic, generally 250
(7) Modern geography and English history . 150
(8) Scripture 100
(At least four-tenths of the marks required in each subject in order to pass the test.)

  (b) Voluntary  
(9) Elementary mathematics, viz., algebra, including quadratic equations and problems producing them, and first three books of Euclid 200
(10) Latin. Translation of passages from books usually read at schools, translation of English into Latin, and grammatical questions 200
(11) The German, Spanish, or Italian languages, as in French 100
(12) Elementary Physics viz.: chemistry, heat properties of solids and fluids, electricity and magnetism 151
(13) Drawing, freehand, and from models . 100

Not more than three of these subjects may be selected unless drawing be one, when four maybe selected. Not less than one-fifth of the marks assigned must be obtained in any one of these subjects selected, in order that they may be reckoned towards the total.

  1. If the candidate fails to pass the test of qualification, he will be considered ineligible to appear again; but if a candidate pass the test of qualification, and yet not be one of the successful competitors, he will be allowed to compete once again at the following examination, notwithstanding that at the second examination he may exceed the limit of age.

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