Extracts from Various Navy Lists 1844-1879

Legend for Various Codes used in the above Extracts

In no particular order

Abbreviation Explanation
FO Foreign Orders *
m Entitled to wear Medals
GB Gilbert Blane's Medal
BT Beaufort Testimonial
C Lieutenant's Commission obtained by competition at RNC per AO of 24 Dec 1838
E Obtained Lieutenant's Commission for meritorious Exam at RNC per various Circulars
G Those who received an Honorary Certificate under Circ 8 C of 30 Jan 1873
GGM Goodenough Gold medal awarded annually to A/Sub Lt passing the best exam in year in Gunnery
TS Transport Service
I Officers who have passed for Interpreters
GM Goodenough Medal
In "Nav" column indicates: Navigating Officer qualified to take charge of any of HM First Class ships
Engineer Officers who have passed for Chief Engineer
Hy Sgn 1879 Honorary Surgeon to the Queen
Hy Phy 1879 Honorary Physician to the Queen
h After name Retired Inspector or Deput Inspector or Hospitals and Fleets denotes that rank held is honorary only
GSP Good Service Pension 10 @ 300 pa for FO ; 12 @ 150 pa for Captains ; 6 @ 200 for RM ; 3 of 100 pa for Medical Officers
PW Pension - Wounds - Officers who have pensions for wounds Etc received in the service
NP Naval Pension (1879)(late "Out-Pension" of Greenwich Hospital ; Captains 10 @ 80 pa ; Commanders 15 @ 65 pa ; Lieuts 50 @ 50 pa ; Navigating Officers 15 @ 50 pa
GHP Greenwich Hospital Pension (1879); former Greenwich In-Pension" ; 10 @ 150 pa ; Captain 1 @ 80 pa ; Commander 3 @ 65 pa ; Lieut 5 @ 50 pa ; Staff Capt 1 @ 80 pa ; Staff Cdr and Nav Lieut 2 @ 50 pa ; Chaplain 7 @ 50 pa ; Surgeons etc18 ; Paymasters etc 13
CGP Coast Guard Pension - open only to officers appointed to the Coast Guard before 1 Aug 1860
In "Guns" column indicates Lieutenant who has passed for Gunnery Officer
Surgeons passed for Staff Surgeon
KW Knight of Windsor
CA Chaplain holding a Civil Appointment
T Qualified for Torpedo Duties
PN Chief Officers in the Coast Guard who have Passed in Navigation
(N) After ship and date appointed indicates an Executive Officer passed in Navigation
(G) After ship and date appointed indicates a Gunnery Officer appointed for Gunnery duties
(T) After ship and date appointed indicates a Torpedo Officer appointed for Torpedo duties
addl Additional ie an officer has been appointed in excess of complement - the reasons for this could be numerous
tem & temp Temporary - self explanatory ?
numbers Numbers against ship names are from the Navy List and have been used for my ease of reference - they change periodically and serve no other purpose.
Flag Staff = Admiral's Retinue

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