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Orders in Council

Chief Artificer Engineer Introduction of Commissioned rank of, Regulations

Admiralty Order in Council No. 20.

28th March 1903.


Whereas by Order in Council of Her late Majesty bearing the date of eighteenth May 1897 the Warrant rank of Artificer Engineer was established in Your Majesty's Navy :

And whereas we are of opinion that it is desirable to introduce the Commissioned rank of Chief Artificer Engineer to which Artificer Engineers can be advanced :

We beg leave humbly to recommend that Your Majesty may be graciously pleased by Your Order in Council to sanction the creation of this rank and the application of the following Regulations to the Officers advanced thereto to take effect from the first April 1903 :

Relative Rank.

To rank with Chief Gunners, Chief Boatswains, and Chief Carpenters, according to the dates of their respective commissions.

Full Pay.

To receive the following rates of pay :


A day

  s. d.
On promotion to Chief Artificer Engineer 11 6
On promotion to Chief Artificer Engineer After 2 years 12 0
Ditto 4 years 12 6
Ditto 6 years 13 0
Ditto 8 years 13 6

To be eligible for charge pay and all allowances payable to Artificer Engineers.


To be entitled to the same pension as for Chief Gunners, Chief Boatswains, and Chief Carpenters subject to the modification that time served before promotion shall count at the rate of 2 10s. for each year's service as Chief Petty Officer, and at the rate of 1 10s. for each year's continuous service prior to being rated Chief Petty Officer, this latter rate to apply also, as regards corresponding service, to the pensions of Artificer Engineers who have risen to that rank from the grade of Boy Artificer.

Pensions for hurts and wounds. Widows' Pensions, and Compassionate Allowances to Children to be granted under conditions similar to those applicable to Chief Gunners, Chief Boatswains, and Chief Carpenters.

Chief Artificer Engineers to be included among Officers exempt from messing contribution under Article 1559 of the Regulations for the conduct of Your Majesty's Naval Service.

The number of Chief Artificer Engineers during the year ending thirty-first March 1904 not to exceed 44, and in future not to exceed one-third of the total number of Chief Artificer Engineers and Artificer Engineers combined.

The Lord Commissioners of Your Majesty's Treasury have signified their concurrence in the above proposals.

N. 4650 / 1903.

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