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The Orders in Council for the Regulation of the Naval Service.

Also known as Admiralty Orders in Council

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The Orders in Council for the Regulation of the Naval Service,

Vol. IX.

16th February 1903 to 21st December 1907.

Chronological List of Orders in Council for the Regulation of the Naval Service,

Date Subject No.
16 Feb  Employment of an Intelligence Officer and one or more Assistant Intelligence Officers on any Foreign Station, and allowances to the same 1
16 Feb Chief Carpenters and Carpenters — Increase in numbers of 2
16 Feb Naval Officers to be authorised to fly Flags at Naval Establishments, &c. on shore. Admiralty empowered to regulate use of such Flags 3
16 Feb Dockyard Port of Portland — Regulations for, amended [see:] 4
16 Feb Special Stationery Allowance within limit of £15 a year - Power of Admiralty to grant in cases where necessary 5
16 Feb Coast Guard Officers and Men serving at Plying Detachments or War Signal Stations — Revised Subsistence Allowances 6
16 Feb Lieutenants, Sub-Lieutenants, and Midshipmen, R.N.R. — Numbers increased 7
16 Feb Medical Officers — Numbers increased 8
16 Feb Chief Petty Officers — Increased rate of pension 9
16 Feb Half pay time of Naval Officers appointed Governors of self-governing Colonies, and of Naval and Marine Officers on Staff to count as full pay time. Case of Admiral Sir F. G. D. Bedford. 10
16 Feb Stores at Naval Rifle Ranges — Allowance to Officers in charge of 11
16 Feb R.N.R. Officers — Award of pay and allowances to, during intervals between appointments 12
16 Feb Persons acting as Ship's Cooks and Ship's Stewards in any ship on board which care and maintenance parties sleep and are victualled — Allowance of 6d. a day, extended to 13
16 Feb Artificer Divers — Increase of pay to 13a
12 Mar Men whose deaths are attributable to the Service — Period allowed to elapse till date of death for purposes of pension and allowances to Widows and Children, extended 14
12 Mar Royal Marine Officers Reserve — Establishment of Rules [See:] 15
12 Mar Provision of Wages and Victuals for the Fleet, 1903-4 15a
12 Mar Staff for Physical Training Duties in H.M. Fleet — Revision and extension of appointments to 16
12 Mar Canvas Shoes for Warrant Officers, Non-Commissioned Officers, and Men of the Royal Marines — Free issue of, when necessary [See:] 16a
28 Mar Medical Director-General of the R.N. — Grant of the Naval relative rank of Vice or Rear-Admiral to Rank on retirement 17
28 Mar Recruiting Staff Officers — Payment of, at a uniform rate and award of gratuities for meritorious results [See:] 18
28 Mar Domestics — Amended conditions of service 19
28 Mar Chief Artificer Engineer — Introduction of Commissioned rank of, Regulations 20
28 Mar Boy Artificer, Mechanician, and Yeoman of Stores — Introduction of ratings of, Pay, &c. 21
28 Mar Royal Marines — Amendment of Establishment of Officers and Men. Extra Staff Clerks for Headquarters Staff and for R.M. Recruiting Department. Armourer Sergeants to be included in number of Sergeants. [See:] 22
28 Mar Engineer Officers — Alterations in titles, rank, and pay.
Royal Marine Officers — Improvement in full pay
28 Mar Chief Warrant Officers and Warrant Officers — Promotion to rank of Lieutenant or corresponding relative rank. Rates of full, half, and retired pay, pensions to widows, &c. 24
20 May Seamen and Marines holding the Conspicuous Gallantry Medal or Distinguished Conduct Medal — Gratuity to on discharge or promotion to a Commission 25
20 May Bandsmen in H.M. Fleet — New scheme of entry, training, pay, &c. [See:] 26
20 May Wages and Victuals for the Fleet for the year 1903-4 — Estimate approved 26a
20 May Divisional Chief Officers of Coast Guard and Chief Officers of Coast Guard Stations, including those appointed from Cruiser Service — Revised rates of pay 27
20 May Course of Instruction in Strategy and Tactics established for Flag Officers at R.N. College, Greenwich 28
20 May Grant of a Bonus to Winners of the Good Shooting Medal at Annual Prize Firing 28a
20 May Allowance to Naval Schoolmasters conducting Night Schools in Gunnery and Torpedo Schools extended to Gunnery School at Sheerness, and to any other such Schools subsequently established 29
25 Jun Rules of Court for the Exchequer Court of Canada in its Admiralty Jurisdiction — Rule 37 amended [See:] 29a
25 Jun Re-entry of Men in R.N. and R.M. and entry in R.F.R. Previous service for pension of men entered in R.N. and R.M. after discharge from Army. Regulations altered. [See:] 30
25 Jun King's Regulations — Addenda to, for 1903, authorised 30a
25 Jun Special rate of Pay to Pensioner Signalmen added to Staff at Garrison Point, Sheerness, and employed at Horse Sand Fort, Portsmouth, and at other Signal Stations where applicable 31
25 Jun Promotion of H.R.H. The Prince of Wales, K.G., Ac., to the rank of Vice-Admiral in H.M. Fleet. Subsequent promotions authorised [See:] 31*
25 Jun Pension for Wounds awarded to Captain Spencer Victor Yorke de Horsey, R.N. [See:] 32*
9 Jul Allowance of Baggage to Officers in charge of Paymasters’ Accounts when travelling on duty — Scale increased 32
9 Jul Warrant Engineer, R.N.R. — Establishment of rank. Pay, &c. 33
10 Aug Clothing and Bedding Gratuity to Seamen entered direct for Continuous Service and to those entered for Non-Continuous Service 34
10 Aug Accountant Officers — Increase in numbers of 35
11 Aug Royal Marine Officers as Instructors on the Staff of the Torpedo Schools — Allowance to 36
10 Aug Dockyard Port of Queenstown — Regulations for, amended [See:] 37
10 Aug Pensions and Compassionate Allowances to Widows and Children of Retired and Emergency Officers re-employed, whose deaths are attributable to the Service, irrespective of whether Officer's marriage took place when on Active or Retired List 38
11 Aug Medical Officers — Alterations in Regulations as to pay, allowances, &c. Creation of a Reserve of Medical Officers 39
11 Aug Revised Scale of Dietary for Seamen, &c. of the R.N. Mess Allowance for Boys under certain conditions 40
9 Oct Accountant Officers — Institution of the new rank of Paymaster-in-Chief on the Active List. Fleet and Staff Paymasters and Paymasters to be compulsorily retired after 3 years continuous non-service 41
9 Oct H.M. The King of Portugal and the Algarves, K.G., appointed an Honorary Admiral of the Royal Navy [See:] 41a
9 Oct Coast Guard District Captains — Grant of Consolidated pay to, within a maximum of £950 per annum in addition to Stationery Allowance and travelling expenses 42
9 Oct H.M. The King of Greece appointed an Honorary Admiral of the Royal Navy [See:] 42*
9 Oct Allowance to Engineer Officers supervising instruction of newly entered Boy Artificers 43
9 Oct Medical Officers — Revised regulations with regard to retirement for non-service 44
9 Oct Chaplains and Chaplains and Naval Instructors — Introduction of a new system of short service and amendment of Order in Council of the 5th February 1872 45
9 Oct Wardmaster — Rating, and Allowance for charge of Medical Stores, extended to the Chief Sick Berth Steward doing duty as, in the Hospital Ship " Maine " and any other ship on similar service 46
9 Oct Payment of Allotments extended to all places within British Territory and to such other places as may be specially approved in individual cases 47
9 Oct Mess Utensils allowed to Chief Petty Officers and Seamen — Revised scale of 48
9 Oct Greenwich Hospital Pensions and Allowances — Revised regulations. Pensions and Allowances from Greenwich Hospital Funds to Widows and Children of Seamen and Marines, &c., to be supplemented from Naval Funds 49
9 Oct Medical, Accountant, and Engineer Officers — Accelerated promotion. Pay, relative rank and Widows' Pensions, &c. 50
16 Nov Torpedo Instructors in charge of Wireless Telegraphy Apparatus at War Signal Stations — Grant of rank of Commissioned Boatman, and an Allowance, on entry in Coast Guard 51
16 Nov Relative Rank of Officers and Men of Coast Guard — Revised Table of. Grant of Honorary rank of Lieutenant to certain Chief Officers on retirement 52
16 Nov Title of Boy Domestic substituted for that of Domestic 3rd class in cases of entry under 18 years of age 53
16 Nov Sick Berth Staff — Increased Clothing Gratuity to Men finally accepted for service in 54
16 Nov Compensation for Injuries sustained on duty, granted to Engineer Lieutenant C. E. Russell [See:] 54*
16 Nov Gunnery and Torpedo Ratings — Changes in classification and pay. Increased allowances to Gunnery and Torpedo Officers, &c. 54a
8 Dec Executive List — New regulations introduced in order to accelerate the flow of promotion to the higher ranks and to increase the establishment. Numbers of Flag Officers increased 55
8 Dec Paymaster of the Royal Marines at Deal — Increased salary [See:] 56
29 Jan War Signal Stations, Watch Rooms, &c. — Increased allowances for Fuel 57
29 Jan Pensioners employed at Pigeon Lofts — Rates of pay 58
29 Jan Medical and Accountant Officers — Numbers increased 59
29 Jan Formation of a Reserve of Armourers. Extra pay to qualified Seamen and Marines employed as Armourer's Assistants [See: 60
29 Jan Royal Marine Band on board His Majesty's Yacht — Allowance to Non-Commissioned Officers and Bandsmen when actually embarked[See: 61
11 Feb Lieutenants, Engineer Lieutenants, and Carpenter Lieutenants promoted from Warrant rank — Amended system of calculating Retired Pay 62
7 Mar Boatswains qualified in Gunnery and Torpedo — Allowance to, when performing duties of a Gunner or Gunner (T.) 63
7 Mar Executive Officers of the Royal Naval Reserve — Numbers increased 64
7 Mar Creation of rank of Commander, R.N.R. Pay, &c. 65
7 Mar Naval Schoolmasters — Revised conditions of service. Creation of rank of Chief Schoolmaster 66
7 Mar Honorary Commissions as Commander, Lieutenant, and Chief Engineer, R.N.R.— Issue of 66a
7 Mar Officers qualifying as Interpreters — Amended regulations 67
7 Mar Reserve of Accountant Officers, consisting of not more than 200 Assistant Paymasters, established as a branch of the Royal Naval Reserve. Pay, &c. 68
7 Mar Provision of Wages and Victuals for the Fleet for 1904-5 68a
7 Mar Engineer Officers, R.N.R. — Changes in Retirement Regulations 69
7 Mar Grant of a Step in Rank to Staff Paymasters and Paymasters on the Retired List except when retired for misconduct. Advancements already made confirmed, and confirmation extended to cases of certain Engineer Officers 70
7 Mar Allowances, &c., to Warrant and Non-Commissioned Officers and Men of the R.M.'s who attain a certain standard of efficiency. Free rations or allowance in lieu thereof to those serving on Shore. Pay of certain R.M.A. Ranks altered [See:] 71
7 Mar Engineer Officers — Regulations governing retirement for non-service amended 72
28 Mar Wages and Victuals for the Fleet for the year 1904-5 — Estimate approved 72a
28 Mar Senior Medical Officer of the Flagship of the Commander-in-Chief, Home Fleet — Flag Allowance to 73
16 May Commissioned Officers promoted from Warrant rank — Allowance to when joining a Ward Room Mess 74
16 May Grant of rank of Lieutenant, Carpenter Lieutenant, or Engineer Lieutenant to Chief Warrant Officers in certain cases when pensioned.
Chief Artificer Engineers and Artificer Engineers to be eligible for promotion to Engineer Lieutenant for acts of gallantry
16 May Allowance in lieu of Domestics to the Flag Captain at Devonport 76
16 May Keeper and Steward of the Royal Cabins in His Majesty's Yacht " Victoria and Albert " — Increased rate of pay 76a
23 Jun Marines qualified as Divers — Grant of continuous extra pay to 77
23 Jun Officer conducting Cash and Store Duties at the Royal Hospital School, Greenwich — Salary revised [See:] 77a
23 Jun Addenda to King’s Regulations, 1904 78a
15 Jul Grant of Pensions to Widows of Officers promoted from Warrant Rank — Qualifying service as Commissioned Officers dispensed with 78
15 Jul Scale of Pensions to Widows of Coast Guard Officers revised and award of Compassionate Allowances to Children. Special Pensions, &c. in the cases of Coast Guard and Warrant Officers whose deaths are attributable to the Service 79
23 Jun Time served by Officers on board the Antarctic Expedition Ships "Discovery" and "Morning" to count as "Service in a Ship of War at Sea [See:] 79*
15 Jul Pension for Wound sustained in action to Lieutenant Anselan J. B. Stirling, R.N. [See:] 79a*
23 Jun Dockyard Port of Dover — Limits defined [See:] 80
23 Jun Special Promotion of Admiral The Right Honourable Lord Walter Talbot Kerr, G.C.B., to the rank of Admiral of the Fleet [See:] 80*
10 Aug Board of Admiralty — New Constitution. Designations of the various Members of, and Secretaries to the Board and definition of the business assigned to them 81
10 Aug Permanent Secretary of the Admiralty — Salary, &c. 82
10 Aug Combined Service as Chief Stoker and Mechanician to be allowed to count for increase of pay in either rating 83
10 Aug Reduced Allowance to Boatswains qualified in the Second Class in Gunnery or Torpedo while performing duties of a Gunner or Gunner (T.) 84
10 Aug Allowance to Coast Guard Station Signalmen independent of advancement to the substantive rating of Commissioned Boatman 85
10 Aug Special Promotion of Henry A. T. Cummins, Esquire, Paymaster of Contingencies in the Admiralty, to the rank of Paymaster on the Retired List [See:] 85a
10 Aug Marines to be eligible to hold the Non-substantive Gunnery Ratings of Turret Gun Layer and Turret Sight-Setter

Revised Allowance to Marine Gunnery Instructors employed as such on shore [See:]

10 Aug Mess Stewards in charge of Officers' and Warrant Officers' Mess Traps — Extension and revision of scale allowances 87
24 Oct Dockyard Port of Plymouth — Regulations amended [See:] 88
24 Oct Local Audit at Wei-hai-Wei — Reduced Allowance to the Officer conducting duties of 88*
24 Oct Staff of the Royal Naval School of Music — Revised scale of allowances [See:] 89
24 Oct Establishment of New Ratings of Hall Porter and Second Hall Porter at R.N. Barracks, for Naval and Marine Pensioners. Pay 90
24 Oct Temporary leave to England of Officers serving abroad to count as "Service in a Ship of War at Sea," at Admiralty discretion 91
14 Nov Grant of Pay and Allowances to Naval Volunteer Officers while under Training 92
14 Nov Civil Employment to be regarded as Service to prevent compulsory retirement in the case of Officers of all Branches of the Navy 93
14 Nov Gratuitous issues of Clothing to Warrant and Non-commissioned Officers and Men of the R.M. — Scale amended [See:] 94
12 Dec Rate of Command Money to Commanders and Lieutenants in command of all sea-going vessels commissioned as Tenders to Harbour Ships 95
12 Dec Revision of Payments for the Discharge by Purchase of Men and Boys from the R.N. and R.M. Free discharge in certain cases. Conditions as to re-entry amended 96
12 Jan Accelerated Promotion to the Brevet rank of Colonel in the Royal Marines [See:] 97
12 Jan Marines acting as Ward Room Servants in H.M.S. "Enchantress" — Allowances [See:] 97a
12 Jan Payment of Allotments — Certificate of Identity dispensed with 98
12 Jan Revised Allowance for the award of Prizes for Good Shooting with heavy guns in H.M. Fleet 98a
10 Feb Award of Pensions and Compassionate Allowances to Dependents of Naval Officers whose deaths are attributable to the Service — Regulations amended. Increased Pension to Widows of Warrant Officers, R.M., in certain cases 99
10 Feb Temporary vacancies for Secretaries to Commodores First Class or Flag Officers — All Assistant Paymasters to be eligible, and to receive pay as Acting Paymasters 100
10 Feb Teachers in Girls and Infants Royal Marine Schools — Scale of pay and pensions [See:] 101
27 Feb Clerks to Senior Officers on Divisions of Naval Stations — Allowance to 102
20 Mar Provision of Wages and Victuals for the Fleet, 1905-6 102a
20 Mar Inspector of Target Practice — Creation of Office of. Pay, &c. 103
20 Mar Gratuities to certain Dependents of Non-Commissioned Officers, Petty Officers, and men of R.N. and R.M., whose deaths are attributable to the Service — Sum granted from Greenwich Hospital Funds to be supplemented from Naval Funds 104
27 Mar Wages and Victuals for the Fleet for the year 1905-6 — Estimate approved 104a
27 Mar Conditions for Entry and Promotion of Accountant Officers.
Appointment of Junior Officers from other Branches of R.N.
27 Mar Rules governing Continuous Service Seamen and Stokers to apply to Non-Continuous Service Men at the discretion of Admiralty 106
10 May Retention on Active List of Vice-Admiral H.R.H. The Prince of Wales, K.T., after becoming liable to retirement for non-service [See:] 106a
10 May Award of Prize-Money to Seamen and Petty Officers for Good Shooting in Torpedo-Boat Destroyers — Revised Allowance 107
10 May Payment of Training Fees to Officers of the Royal Naval Reserve — Regulations amended 108
10 May Mess Utensils for the use of Ships’ Companies — Revised scale 109
11 Jul Pension for Injuries awarded to Captain Hugh P. Williams, R.N. [See:] 109a
11 Jul Pensions and Gratuities for Wounds, &c., to Officers promoted from Warrant Rank. Officers injured before promotion exempted from regulation as to claim being made within 10 years of date of injury 110
11 Jul Emergency Lieutenants — Admiralty authorised to grant, at discretion, the rank of Commander to Officers who fulfil certain conditions 110a
11 Jul Entry Service and Advancement of Junior Executive Officers, R.N. — Regulation of, by Admiralty 111
11 Jul Lieutenants, R.N.R. — Transfer of, to the Active List of R.N., at the discretion of Admiralty 112
11 Jul Foreign Service Leave to Officers — Rule requiring a minimum period of qualifying service abroad, rescinded 112a
7 Aug Marine Meritorious Service Medal Annuity Fund increased, on grant of preferential claim to Medal and Annuity to Sergeants, R.M., holding the Army Distinguished Conduct Medal [See:] 113
7 Aug Naval and Marine Officers studying Japanese Language — Lodging and Provision Allowances and payment of passage expenses to Tokio and home 114
7 Aug Pensioners employed on Signal and Telegraph Duties — Payment of 4s. a day for pay and victualling in addition to pension 115
7 Aug Addition to Pensions of Chief Petty Officers transferred from R.M. to R.N. 116
23 Oct Allowance to Officers in charge of Boom Defence Stores at Home and Abroad. Case of Gibraltar 117
23 Oct Pension for Injury awarded to Sub-Lieutenant Vyvyan R. N. Porter, R.N. [See:] 117a
23 Oct Payment to Men of the R.N.V.R. employed as Artificers or Artizans when under training afloat or on actual service in the Fleet 118
23 Oct Pension for Injuries awarded to Commander George Henry Baird, R.N. [See:] 118a
23 Oct Pupil Teachers serving in Royal Marine Schools — Changes in rate of pay [See:] 119
23 Oct Officers, R.N. or R.M., employed as Intelligence Officers in an independent position on shore — Allowance 120
23 Oct Boy Artificers — Introduction of a system of Chief Petty Officer Boys and Petty Officer Boys, and payment of allowances 121
23 Oct Allowances to Flag Officers attending Course of Instruction in Strategy and Tactics — Amendment of. Separate War Course for such Officers discontinued 122
20 Nov Power granted to Admiralty to withhold Retired Pay or Pensions of Commissioned. Commissioned Warrant, and Warrant Officers, on account of misconduct, &c. 123
20 Nov Stores of Submarines — Allowance to Warrant Officer or Commissioned Warrant Officer or Lieutenant promoted therefrom, for charge of stores 124
20 Nov Payment of Command Money, in addition to the allowance for Navigating Duties, to the Officer (if below the rank of Commander) appointed to command the Tender to the Navigation School Ship 125
11 Dec Special Promotion of Admiral Sir John A. Fisher, G.C.B., O.M., to the rank of Admiral of the Fleet. Additional to authorised numbers [See:] 125a
11 Dec Gratuities for Clothing to Men Re-entered in R.N. within five years of discharge (if discharged under certain conditions), and to Men transferred to other ratings. Also to Men of R.M. transferred to Signal Ratings in R.N. 126
8 Jan King's Regulations and Admiralty Instructions, Revised Edition — Publication authorised 127
8 Jan Recruiting of Naval Ratings and Royal Marines — Uniform Recruiting Fee fixed 128
8 Jan Officer holding position of First Sea Lord — Special rate of half pay to, if an Admiral of the Fleet 128a
8 Jan Engine Room Ratings — Alterations in training, advancement, and rates of pay 129
8 Jan Special Promotion to the Rank of Commander on the Retired List of Lieutenant E. C. Tyndale-Biscoe, R.N. [See:] 129a
8 Jan Increase of Servant's Allowance to Royal Marine Officers studying at the Staff College [See:] 130
16 Feb Allowances to Officers in charge of Stores in H.M.S. "Actaeon," Torpedo School Ship, Sheerness 131
16 Feb Store Allowance to the Barrack Master at R.N. Barracks, Shotley, and at any Barracks which may be subsequently built 132
27 Feb Amended System of Drill and Training for Executive Officers of the R.N.R. 133
4 Apr Pension for Injury awarded to Lieutenant the Honourable Herbert Meade, R.N. [See:] 133a
11 May Marines employed upon Physical Training Duties — Allowance to duly qualified men. Marine Gymnastic Instructors in Boys Training Establishments, &c., to receive allowance for seven days a week instead of six [See:] 134
11 May Provision of Victuals and Wages for the Fleet, 1906-7 134a
11 May Instruction of Officers in Foreign Languages — Regulations revised to enable payment to be made to Officers for the instruction of classes of Commissioned as well as Junior Officers. 135
11 May Warrant Officers and Officers promoted from Warrant rank employed in the Pigeon Service — Scale of Allowances to 136
29 May Previous Army Service in an Acting or Commissioned Rank to count towards increase of Full, Half, and Retired Pay or Gratuity in H.M. Naval Service at discretion of Admiralty. Case of Rev. M. Mullineux, Chaplain [See:] 137
29 May Wages and Victuals for the Fleet for the year 1906-7 — Estimate approved 137a
29 May Increase of Emoluments of Divisional Officer of Coast Guard at Guidore, for additional duties performed 138
29 May Pension awarded to Surgeon A. C. W. Newport, R.N., on account of disease contracted on duty [See: /mode/1up] 138a
30 Jun Allowances to Officers in charge of the Signal Schools at Chatham and Devonport and to the First Lieutenant of the Portsmouth Signal School or of a like separate establishment located in Naval Barracks 139
28 Jul Instrument Allowances extended to Band Ratings (including Maltese) not entered as Royal Marines if supplied with Band Instruments at the public expense 140
28 Jul Acquisition of Knowledge of Foreign Languages by Officers of the R.N. and R.M. — Additions to list of languages for which special allowances and gratuities are payable 141
28 Jul Special rates of Pay to Paymasters, Assistant Paymasters, and Midshipmen of the R.N.V.R. when under training afloat. Repayment of travelling expenses to Naval Volunteer Officers 142
28 Jul Chief, and other Bandmasters, R.M. (including those transferred from the Navy or Army) to be exempt if necessary from the general Marine Service Regulations as to Promotion and Retirement. Calculation of pensions, &c. [See:] 143
28 Jul Allowances to Engineer Rear-Admirals attending Courses of Instruction in Oil Fuel Burning [See:] 144
28 Jul Allowance to Assistant Paymasters acting as Secretaries to Chiefs of Staff and to Senior Secretary's Clerk in the Atlantic Fleet 145
28 Jul Senior Officer of Marines in H.M.S. " indefatigable " — Allowance to, while ship is in commission for special service in the West Indies. Also in the case of any other ship selected for the same service [See:] 146
28 Jul Naval Savings Banks — Revised regulations. Reduction of rate of interest payable on deposits in new accounts in Banks instituted in H.M. Ships on and after 1st January 1907 (provisionally approved) 147
28 Jul Greenwich Hospital — Appointment of an Officer to be styled the "Receiver and Agent for the Greenwich Estate." Salary and Residence. Increase of salary to the Chief Officer of the Royal Hospital School See:] 147a
22 Oct Chaplains, R.N. — Extension of short service system 148
22 Oct Officers of the Australasian Branch of the R.N.R. — Allowances and gratuities to, when called out for service in R.N. or appointed for training. Special allowances to crews of certain ships to be manned by Australian and New Zealand men under the terms of the Naval Agreement, 1903 149
22 Oct Foreign Periodicals for use in Study of Foreign Languages — Allowance for provision of, on board ships bearing Midshipmen 150
22 Oct Allowances to certain Engineer Officers appointed for duty at Mechanical Training Establishments for Boy Artificers and Mechanicians 151
22 Oct Revised scale of Flag Allowances. Grant of Flag Allowance to Commander appointed as Executive Officer on board Flag ships 152
22 Oct Commuted Allowance in lieu of Servants to Captains, R.N., to be granted by Admiralty at discretion. Allowances to be retrospective in. case of Inspecting Captain of Mechanical Training Establishments 153
22 Oct Officers appointed for Signalling Duties in a Fleet, who are not Flag Lieutenants — Allowance to. Grant to have retrospective effect in case of Officer appointed to Staff of Commander-in-Chief, Mediterranean Station [See:] 154
22 Oct Naval Savings Bank — Amended Regulations for, and revision of rate of interest payable on deposits in Banks instituted on board H.M. Ships Commissioned on and after 1st January 1907. (Finally approved.)[See:] 155
22 Oct Allowance to Accountant Officer in Charge of Furniture of Admiralty Yacht "Enchantress" 156
22 Oct Allowance in lieu of Provisions to Commissioned Warrant Officers and Warrant Officers and Men of R.N., and Warrant Officers and Men of R.M. borne on ship's books, when on leave exceeding 48 hours 157
16 Nov Payment of Greenwich Hospital Special Pensions to Persons residing in British Dominions abroad — Restriction upon removed [See:] 158
16 Nov Pension for Injuries awarded to Lieutenant H. G. R. Bevan, R.N. [See:] 158a
I Dec Abatement of Pay, Half-Pay, Pension, Retired Pay, Gratuity or other allowances payable to an Officer, to meet Mess Debts or similar debts or liabilities 159
21 Dec Emoluments of the Naval Members of Board of Admiralty — Revision of 159a
21 Dec Money Prizes for Good Shooting in R.N. — Revision of allowances for payment of 160
21 Dec Confidential Clerk and Keeper of Torpedo Records in H.M.S. "Vernon" — Increase of pay to Charles Herbert McKay, Pensioned Chief Writer [see: 160a
11 Feb Colonial Allowance granted to Marine Officers employed on Intelligence Duties at Singapore and Colombo [see: 161
11 Feb Increase of number of Lieutenants on the Active List of R.N. 162
11 Feb Short Courses of Signal Instruction to Commander, Lieutenants, and Sub-Lieutenants, Royal Naval Reserve 163
11 Feb Special Promotion to rank of Lieutenant of Mr. William Hicks, Chief Officer of the Coast Guard Cruiser "Argus," for Meritorious Service [see: 163*
11 Feb Payment of Command Money to any Officer appointed for General Command of a Submarine Flotilla. Retrospective effect in the case of Portsmouth Flotilla to 1st January 1906 164
1 Mar Allowance of 2d, per day to R.N. Ratings employed as Tailors 165
1 Mar Special Promotion to rank of Admiral of the Fleet, of Admiral Sir Arthur Knyvet Wilson, G.C.B. Additional to authorised numbers [see:] 165a
1 Mar Modification of existing system of Clothing and Bedding Gratuities, and Free issue of Hat Ribbons 166
26 Mar Award of a Pension to Surgeon Frederick G. Goble, R.N., on account of serious contagious disease contracted on duty [see:] 166b
1 Mar Commuted Allowances in lieu of Servants to Commanders-in-Chief at the three Home Ports — Regulation of amount 167
26 Mar Provision of Victuals and Wages for the Fleet, 1907-8 167a
26 Mar Men of the R.N.V.R. qualified and employed on Signalling or Wireless Telegraphy Duties — Pay 168
26 Mar Award of a Pension to Surgeon James C. Bringan, R.N. on account of disease contracted on duty [see:] 168a
7 May Addition of one Superintending Clerk (Warrant Officer), and one Sergeant to Writing Staff of Royal Naval School of Music. Replacement of Staff Clerk at Admiralty Recruiting Headquarters by a Superintending Clerk (Warrant Officer) [see:] 169
7 May Wages and Victuals for the Fleet for the year 1907-8 — Estimate approved 169a
7 May Re-arrangement of the numbers of Greenwich Hospital Pensions for Officers. Retention of Naval or Greenwich Hospital Pensions by Officers promoted on the Retired List, approved [see:] 170
7 May Repayment of Subsistence Expenses to Candidates for Entry in R.N., detained at Recruiting Stations for a period extending from 5 to 9 hours 170a
7 May Repayment of Expenses incurred in connection with the Conveyance of the Service Allowance of Baggage of Officers appointed from or discharged to half-pay 171
1 Jun Officers on Staff of War Course College, Portsmouth — Scale of Special Allowances to 172
1 Jun Award of Pension of £75 a year to Mr. James Baker, Master at the Royal Hospital School, Greenwich [see:] 172a
1 Jun Musical Director of the Royal Naval School of Music — Restriction of post to Officers of Warrant rank removed [see:] 173
1 Jun Pension for Injuries awarded to Lieutenant Arthur Vernon Ross, R.N. [see:] 173a
6 Jul Surveying Pay to Officers appointed for Surveying Duties to a Surveying Ship commissioning or re-commissioning at home for service abroad, to commence from date of joining ship 174
6 Jul Pension for Injury to Commander Herbert Mosley Perfect, Retired R.N., of £150 a year for two years [see:] 174a
6 Jul Domestics — Conditions of Entry and Service of, modified. Title of Domestic to be replaced by those of "Officers’ Steward" or "Officers' Cook" 175
6 Jul Director of Greenwich Hospital — Scale of salary revised [see:] 175a
6 Jul Naval and Marine Officers studying in China — Payment of Lodging and Provision Allowances in addition to full pay, and passage expenses to Peking and home 176
6 Jul Lamptrimmers on board H.M. Ships — Allowances to, revised by alterations to classification of ships 177
12 Aug Amended rules and regulations for Dockyard Port of Berehaven - see 178
12 Aug Ratings, R.N. — Revised Schedule of Titles and Rates of Pay.
Rating of Petty Officer 2nd class to be abolished.
Introduction of Wireless Telegraphy Class
12 Aug Increases of Retired Pay to Officers of R.N. who are placed on the Retired List whilst serving on the Staff of the Inspection and Experimental Departments or in posts at the Admiralty connected therewith [see] 180
12 Aug King's Regulations and Admiralty Instructions — Issue of Addenda (1907) authorised 180a
12 Aug Extra Pay to Officers and Men of R.N. and R.M. acting as Shorthand Writers at Naval Courts Martial, &c. Retrospective effect to 1st January 1904 181
9 Sep Boys' Fund in H.M. Training Ships and Establishments — Payment of allowances to Officers for auditing accounts of, authorised within a limit of £50 per annum. Allocation of sum to be at Admiralty discretion 182
9 Sep Selection of Officers for post of Colonels Commandant, R.M.A., and R.M.L.I. Amendment to clause 8 of Order in Council of the 29th November 1881 [see] 183
9 Sep Revised scale of Victualling for Crews of H.M. Ships.
Messing Allowances and Allowances in lieu of Victuals.
Extra pay to Cooking Staff for making bread
2 Nov Special Service Stokers — Abolition of non-substantive rating of Trained Man, as from 1st July 1906, and increase of pay to Special Service Stokers, 1st class 185
2 Nov Naval Courts Martial — Revised General Orders for regulating procedure and practice of [see] 185a
2 Nov Promotion of Midshipmen and Acting Sub-Lieutenants, R.N.R., to rank of Sub-Lieutenant, R.N.R. — Regulations for, amended 186
2 Nov Engineer Lieutenants on the Senior List — Allowance to when employed as Senior Engineers in Ships in commission of 3,000 Indicated Horse Power and upwards 187
2 Nov Allowance in lieu of Victuals and Messing Allowance to be granted at discretion to any person belonging to R.N. or R.M. borne on Ship's Books 188
2 Nov Yeoman of Stores — Extension of grant of rating to smaller ships. Admiralty authorised to vary accompanying allowance as necessary 189
2 Nov Seamen and Marines lent for Colonial Employment in West Africa, to count such service as double time for pension purposes 190
21 Dec Officers, R.M., employed as Instructors of Wireless Telegraphy — Grant of allowances to at discretion of Admiralty. Allowances to Officers, R.M., employed as Assistants for Wireless Telegraph duties in H.M. Fleet [see] 191
21 Dec Engineer Commander borne for Fleet Duties on China Station — Allowance to so long as an Engineer Captain is not borne on Station 191a
21 Dec Advancement of Boy Artificers — Regulations for, amended 192
21 Dec Engineer Officers — Admiralty authorised to vary the numbers in certain ranks of, at discretion 192a
21 Dec Cook ratings — Amended Regulations as to Titles, Pay, and Pensions 193
21 Dec Petty Officer Time counting double for Pension purposes — Regulations amended 194
21 Dec Third-Class Domestics with certain service in higher Domestic Ratings to be recommended for the Long Service and Good Conduct Medal, if otherwise eligible 195
21 Dec Special Allowance, in Compensation for loss of Charge Pay, to Junior Engineer Lieutenants appointed for Instructional Duties in Mechanical Training Establishments 196

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