Monthly Advances to Officers and Crews of HM Ships &c.

Oct. 1860

Circular No. 438.
24th July, 1860.

Her Majesty having, by her Order in Council of the 24th ultimo, been graciously pleased to approve of the accompanying Regulations for paying the Navy, which my Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty have resolved to establish, under the authority vested in them by the Naval Pay and Prize Act, 17 Vict., chap. 19, I am commanded by my Lords to signify the same for general information and guidance.

These regulations are to be brought into operation on and after the first day of October next, or in ships abroad, as soon thereafter as this Circular is received on board.

My Lords desire to call attention to the privilege hereby granted to the Officers as well as the Crews of Her Majesty’s Ships of receiving a considerable portion of their pay every month, if desired ; and to the facilities afforded for remitting to relatives and others out of wages due, both at home and abroad, such sums as may not be required by seamen while serving afloat ; or of allotting at various rates, down to as small a sum as 10s. a month ; with the option also of leaving their wages undrawn till the ship is paid-off, or of remitting what may be due from time to time for deposit in savings banks, or to their friends.

In consideration of these opportunities of receiving larger advances on account of wages due, every month, and of allotting at various rates, and of remitting portions of their wages both at home and abroad, my Lords have been pleased to discontinue the system of paying down ships at home every six months, and to establish a system of an Annual Balance, or adjustment of wages, at the end of each financial year, viz., 31st March, as explained in Article 34 and subsequent Regulations. On these occasions the Commanding Officers of Her Majesty’s Ships are to take care that the crews are fully satisfied as to the state of their accounts, and that they fully understand they have that special opportunity of remitting or investing their money, or of leaving it undrawn till the Ships are paid off. It is further to be explained to the Seamen, that as payment of monthly advance will be made as it becomes due in ships newly commissioned, the payment of two months’ Advance immediately before proceeding to sea will be discontinued ; but in every case, when men have recently joined and not been paid any Monthly Advance, each man, before sailing, may receive one months’ Advance, although not then due, in accordance with Article 22 of these Regulations.

By Command of their Lordships,
C. Paget,
To all Commanders-in-Chief &c.

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