Payments of Advance of Wages and other sums - 1855

Complements of gun-boats for the Baltic.

Victualling of vessels preparing for the Baltic

No Foreigners to be Employed on CS Engagements

The following orders have been issued by the Board of Admiralty, circa 20 Mar 1855, to the Commanding Officers of the Fleet at Spithead :-

  1. In order to avoid any inconvenience to the seamen &c., serving on board the ships about to proceed to the Baltic, from want of cash to pay them their savings of provisions, monthly allowance moneys, &c., the paymasters of the respective ships are to be authorised to draw on the Accountant General of the Navy for double the usual amount of specie for the purpose of meeting contingencies, and the payments of casual savings, &c.
  2. The payment of advance wages to ships’ companies by the clerks of the Paymaster General having caused much inconvenience, it is directed that in future this duty, as well as the payment of wages on account, be performed by the paymasters serving on board Her Majesty’s ships, and that on no account will the clerks to the Pay office be requested to make such payments. The respective paymasters afloat are therefore to provide themselves with the moneys necessary for making such payments before the time appointed, by application to the proper authorities, in accordance with the regulations prescribed in such cases.

  3. Each ship belonging to the Baltic fleet, having a gun-boat attached as a tender, is to bear on her books 33 supernumeraries for service in such tender, which is to have the following complement:-
    1. 1 Lieutenant or mate.
    2. 1 gunner, boatswain or carpenter.
    3. 3 assistant engineers.
    4. 1 leading stoker [the equivalent of a Petty Officer Stoker].
    5. 12 seamen (A.B.s or ordinary.)
    6. 2 boys of first and second class respectively.
    7. 4 privates of the Royal Marines.

  4. All ships belonging to the Baltic fleet are to take on board as much provisions as they can stow under hatches, and to complete to the same extent every week, or to the latest period prior to sailing.

  5. No Foreigner in future is to be entered for continuous service on board any of Her Majesty’s ships.

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