Full Pay of Officers to be paid by Paymaster of each ship in Commission - 1857

Despite the Order in Council being dated 2 days after the Circular I think that the order shown here would be more appropriate ie the approval preceding the introduction of the new procedure :

Order in Council
20 Mar 1857
Whereas by an Act passed in the seventeenth year of Your Majesty's reign, entitled "An Act for facilitating the payment of Her Majesty's Navy, and the payment and distribution of prize, bounty,, salvage, and other moneys to and amongst the officers and crews of Her Majesty's ships and vessels of war, and for the better regulation of the accounts relating thereto," it is directed among other things that the Lords of the Admiralty may from time to time make such rules, orders, and regulations as may to them seem expedient for facilitating the paying of the Navy, but that the same shall not have any force or effect until they have been previously approved by Your Majesty in Council; and whereas we have had under our serious consideration the present system of paying full-pay to the officers of Your Majesty's Fleet by bills of exchange drawn by themselves on the Accountant-General of the Navy, and being humbly of opinion that great advantage would accrue to Your Majesty's Service if the present mode of paying officers were discontinued, and that in lieu thereof periodical payments were made by the Paymasters of each of Your Majesty's ships in commission, whereby, in addition to others, the following advantages would be gained, viz., a safeguard against forgery, regularity in obtaining a knowledge of the time to which an officer has been paid, and the protection of the officer from pecuniary loss on foreign stations, we beg most humbly to submit that Your Majesty may be graciously pleased by Your Order in Council to sanction the payment of full-pay to the officers of Your Majesty's Navy being made by the Paymaster of each of Your Majesty's ships, and to authorize us to issue the necessary instructions for carrying the same into effect. We do humbly further submit that this change, if approved by Your Majesty, may come into operation on board Your Majesty's ships at home at the end of the quarter (30th June, 1857), commencing the 1st April next, and in Your Majesty's ships on foreign stations at the end of the quarter in which the instructions issued by us may be received.

Officers' Full Pay Bills - 1857

Admiralty Circular No. 292
18 March 1857.

The Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty have determined to discontinue the present mode of paying the Officers of Her Majesty's Fleet by Bills of Exchange drawn by themselves on the Accountant General of the Navy, and to substitute for it a periodical payment by the Paymaster of each Ship, I am commanded to make the same known for the general information of the Service.

My Lords desire me to call attention to the advantages that will result to the Officers from this change, which will have the effect of protecting them from loss, whether by discount or by exchange - it will relieve them from all trouble and uncertainty as to the negotiation of their Bills - it will ensure prompt and regular payment wheresoever the ship may be, and it will protect the Officers from the inconvenience to which they are sometimes exposed by their bills being purloined or mislaid.

It is their Lordships' desire, in making this arrangement, that every officer in the Fleet shall enjoy as much facility in receiving or remitting his pay as possible, and therefore they wish it to be understood, by Officers of all ranks, that at the time of payment they are at liberty to receive the whole or a part of their pay in cash, or to remit the whole, or any portion of the net sum they arc entitled to receive, to whomsoever they please.

The accompanying forms and regulations for carrying this measure into effect, are to be carefully and punctually observed, and they are to come into operation ration on board Her Majesty's Ships at Home at the end of the quarter (30th June, 1857), commencing on the 1st April next. In ships on Foreign Stations they are to take effect at the end of the quarter in which they may be received and the commencement of this new system in such ships is to be reported for their Lordships' information.

All the existing forms of bills for drawing the full pay of Naval Officers of every rank, and these for drawing Marine Officers' pay, are to be forthwith returned to the Storekeeper General of this Navy, in order that they may be cancelled.

By Command of their Lordships,

R. Osborne.

To all Commander-in-Chief, Captains, and Commanding Officers of Her Majesty's Ships and Vessels.

Instructions for Preparing this Account.

1st.- The Officers names are to be entered according to their rank, and not in the order in which they appear on the Ship's Books, so that each class of Officers may appear consecutively on the list.

2nd.- Care is to be taken that all the charges incurred within the period for which the account is made up, be deducted from the Officer's pay, and that no deductions of a prior or subsequent date, be included.

3rd.-The vacant spaces under the head of Deductions, are to be filled in with the words Clothing, Subscriptions, Per Centage on Cabin Furniture. &c. so as to describe the nature of the charge for which the deduction be made.

4th.-The columns of Gross Amount of Pay, of Income Tax, and of Total Deductions, are to be totalled as well as those for "Net Sum Payable," and "Amount paid by the Paymaster."

5th.-Should there be no objections to the payment, the authority for payment is to be modified accordingly, by excepting the Officer against whom such objection exists, and the case is to be immediately reported to their Lordships.

6th.-Payment is to be made in the presence of the Captain, who is to attest the account, stating in words the total sum actually paid.

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