Committee to Review the Future of the Purser - 1842

15 Jan 1842

A select committee of naval officers is sitting in London, Admiral Sir Byam Martin, President, to determine on certain suggestions relative to the pursers of the Navy.

Extensive changes are said to be in contemplation by the Admiralty, as to the emoluments and designation of this class of officers.

The title of Commissary [don't believe a word of it] is likely to be substituted, and a fixed salary, instead of the present allowances.

The Hampshire Telegraph of 15 Jan 1842

Requirements for a Clerk to Qualify for Paymaster and Purser.

Under Her Majesty's Order in Council of the 10th June, 1843.

A Candidate for a Commission of Paymaster and Purser shall have served three complete years as Secretary to a Flag Officer, or Commodore of the First Class; or, having actually served for that period in her Majesty's Navy, shall have been three years Captain's Clerk, or two years Captain's Clerk, and one year Clerk to the Secretary of a Flag Officer, or Commodore of the First Class ; or one year Captain's Clerk, and two years Clerk to the Secretary to a Flag Officer, or Commodore of he First Class; and shall produce Certificates of his good conduct, and of his having discharged the duty of his situation ; and shall pass such Examination as the Admiralty may from time to time direct.

A Clerk, to be admitted into the Service, must be able to write a good and clear hand, and he must be more than 17, and less than 35 years of age.

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