The Schools on The Isle of Portland


St. George's National School, Reforne (boys and girls) was opened about March, 1857, the first school master being Samuel Beale, who vacated his charge July 29, 1865. The following record is left of his departure "The Master took his farewell of the school. Eight years and four mouths since the school was opened by him, and since this time more than 1,000 children have come under his instruction.  It is his sincere prayer that the school and all connected with the school may abundantly proper in this world and meet at last in heaven." 

1865 (Aug 21) Wm. Hoskins,  headmaster 1868 (May 11), H. Hartland (in temporary charge till July 24, 1868) ; 1868 (Aug 24) James Churchill, headmaster 1875 (May 24), Fred G. Wood (left June '20, 1883); 1883 (June 25), John Warren, who still holds the post of headmaster.   Accommodation about 350 children (including Infants School).

The mixed department has now a very nice little library for the use of the scholars, and a museum containing a good collection of Portland fossils and other interesting objects chiefly provided by the pupils.


This school way erected in the Grove in 1872, with accommodation for 380 children.  The Headmasters have been: 1863, W. Moffat (Moffatt and Page) ; 1867, E. W. Moore ; 1893, F. J. Boait : 1879 R. Syms : 1882, H. Ingram : 1885, F. J. Boait (temporary June to Aug) ; 1885, A. Bolt.


These schools were built by the Wesleyan Methodist Church in 1878 and opened as day and Sunday schools on July 1st   The first headmaster was Mr Arthur Ridge (1878-1884) Mr W. N. Ager was master from 1884 until 1893, when Mr W. Edwards was appointed, The school has accommodation for 317 children (boys, girls, and infants) On January 1st, 1905 the school was transferred (on a lease) to the, Dorset County Education Committee.


Fortune's Well. Built 1857 accommodation 500 Children.


This school was opened on May 15 1815. The land on which it was built had been purchased as far back as 1822, and was then described as " Tilley Coombe." The school was initiated by Mrs Brackenbury.  Plans have been passed (1905) for the enlargement of the schools.

St. George's:
Headmaster: Mr John Warren
Miss Macgregor (certificated assistant) ; Miss H. Fripp, ; Mr C. E. Knight
Head Infant Mistress: Miss P. Attwooll
Mrs Salter ; Miss Binning (supplementary)
Portland Prison Officers:
Boys Headmaster: Mr A. Bolt ; art. 50
Mr W. E. Shier
Girls Headmistress: Miss S. H. Batchelor; art. 50
Miss E. Coles
Infants Headmistress: Miss M. Polkinghorne; art. 68
Miss E. Baker
Easton (Council)
Mixed Department: Mr W Edwards ; Miss Bettess ; Miss Lynham ; Miss Talbot ; Miss Hodder ; Miss Benfield
Pupil teachers: L. Comben  ; J. Bettess ; R. Smith
Infants Department: Miss Flann ; Miss S. E. Pearce
Pupil teacher: N. Browne
St John's
Boys Headmaster: Mr Young
Assistant masters: Messrs. Rutt, Sutton, Young and Jarmen.
Girls Headmistress: Miss Christie
Assistant teachers: Misses Dowding, Flew, Fotheringhame
Infants Headmistress: Mrs Young
Assistant teachers: Misses Frampton, Miss Jeans and Miss Kent
Fortune's Well, Wesleyan Day School:
Headmaster: Mr A Mellers
Miss J. Rose ; Miss A. Gammon ; Miss A. Stevens ; Miss C. Burden ; Miss May Mitchell
Infants: Miss Epsley ; Miss Hunt


St. John's (Church)
Rev. Dr. Ottley ; Messrs H. J. Sansom ; H. Gill ; A. Score ; F. J. Barnes (County Council) ; E. Allen (District Council)
Fortune's Well (Wesleyan)
Rev. E. Cole ; Messrs. E. R. Mitchell ; J. R. Stone ; R. Elliott ; E. W. Cross (County Council) ; (District Council representative vacant)
St. George's (Church).
Rev. Canon Beazor ; Messrs J. Lano ; H. Sansom ; R. Attwooll ; Mrs Robert Pearce (County Council) ; Mr Richard Lano (District Council)
St. Peters P.O.
Major Briscoe ; Rev. J. L. Hudson ; Messrs E. Young ; M. Lawson ; C. Gibbs (County Council) ; W. Edwards. (District Council)
Easton Council School
Messrs R. Pearce ; J. P. Scriven ; R. Lano ; W. A. Attwooll (County Council representatives) ; B. Comben and  A. G. Coombe (Urban District Council)

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