Royal Naval Reserve Volunteers

Circular, No. 448

Admiralty, 17th September 1860

It being necessary that the Registrar-General of Seamen should be kept accurately informed of all that appertains to the Royal Naval Reserve Force, my Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty desire that the under-mentioned Clauses, Nos. 78 and 87 of the Instructions for that Force, be carefully attended to by Commanding Officers of Her Majesty's Vessels:

No 78. If the Naval Volunteer, during his service in the Navy, dies, deserts, or is dismissed for misconduct, or if he leaves the Volunteer Force and becomes regular Seaman of the Fleet, a note of the circumstances should be made by the Naval Officer commanding, in the Certificate R.V. 2, and the Certificate returned by that Officer to the Registrar General of Seamen.

No 87. Any Naval Volunteer may, at any time, either when serving in the Royal Navy as a Naval Volunteer, or before being called out, leave the Naval Volunteer Reserve Force for the purpose of entering the Royal Navy as a Seaman of the Fleet, and he may enter the Royal Navy in the same way and on the same conditions as any other seaman. In such cases the Naval Officer Commanding will give to the Naval Volunteer a Certificate of discharge from the Reserve Force, R.V.6 ? and will forward a report of the same to the Registrar General of Seamen, on R.V.20, accompanied by the Volunteer Certificate R.V.2

By Command of the Lordships


To all Commander-in-Chief, &c.

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