Appointments of Senior Naval Officers

Taken from " The Queenslander " { Australia} November 10, 1906 { page 13 } as transcribed by Bev Edmonds


The following changes in naval commands, to take effect early in 1907, have been officially announced.

BOSANQUET, Admiral Sir Day H. { Commander-in-Chief on the North America and West Indies station} to take the Command at Portsmouth.

BERESFORD, Vice-Admiral Lord Charles, { Commander-in-Chief in the Mediterranean } to be Commander of the Channel Fleet.

DRURY, Vice-Admiral Sir Charles C., { now on of the Lords of the Admiralty } to be Commander in the Mediterranean.

CURZON-HOWE, Vice-Admiral Sir Assheton G., { second in command to the Channel Fleet } to be Commander of the Atlantic Fleet.

BRIDGEMAN, Rear-Admiral Francis, { rear-Admiral in the Mediterranean Fleet } to be the Commander of the Home Fleet.

MAY, Vice-Admiral Sir William H., { Commander-in-Chief of the Atlantic Fleet} is to be appointed Second Sea Lord of the Admiralty, and Rear-Admiral Alfred L. WINSLOE Fourth Sea Lord.

Rear-Admiral Prince Louis of BATTENBERG {commanding the Second Cruiser Squadron } to be second in command in the Mediterranean.

ADAIR, Rear-Admiral Charles H. { commanding the reserve division at Sheerness and Chatham } will succeed Prince Louis of Battenberg in the command of the Second Cruiser Squadron; and

Rear-Admiral F.S. INGLEFIELD will be appointed to the command of the Fourth Cruiser Squadron.

Source: The Illustrated London News of Nov. 9, 1907 as transcribed by Bev Edmonds

Admiral Sir Arthur FANSHAWE. K.C.B who has been appointed the new Naval Commander of Portsmouth, is the second son of Admiral Sir E.G. Fanshawe, G.C.B. He was born in 1814. The new Commander of Portsmouth was A.D.C. to Queen Victoria for two years from 1895, and has served the Channel Squadron as Second-in-Command from 1902-5. He was Commander-in-Chief for the Australian Station, and in 1904 he Received his K.C.B.

Rear-Admiral Henry John ORAM, C.B the new Engineer-in-Chief of the Fleet, entered the Navy twenty eight years ago, and has risen to his high position in comparatively short time. He was appointed Chief Engineer in 1899, Staff Engineer in 1903, and Fleet Engineer and Inspector of Machinery four years later. His appointment as Engineer Rear-Admiral dates from 1901. Admiral Oram succeeds Engineer Vice Admiral Sir A. John Durston.

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