1937 Ratings - Branch Badges - Distinguishing Badges - Royal Navy


Petty Officers and men, whether dressed as seamen or not, wear the badges denoting rating and conduct on the left arm, and badges denoting their non-substantive rating or special qualification on their right arm.

Petty Officers (confirmed) wear jackets with gilt buttons instead of jumpers ; these jackets are single-breasted for working dress and double-breasted for No. 1 dress.

Chief Petty Officers wear similar jackets, with the addition of three large gilt buttons across each sleeve. Chief Petty Officers do not wear any good conduct badges, but wear badges denoting their non-substantive rate or special qualification on the collar of their jackets. Artificer Chief Petty Officers wear no collar badges.

Masters-at-Arms wear a frock coat and sword for No. I dress on board ship for Sunday Divisions, during Inspections, etc.


Badges of rating worn on the left arm:

Leading Rate, Petty Officer, Chief Petty Officer, GCB
Cap Badges

Badges worn on the right arm:

Branch Badges - Seamen Specialist Qualifications and other sub-specialist qualifications

Seamen - Gunnery
Seamen - Torpedo
Seamen - Submarine Detection
Communications - Signalmen, Telegraphists and Telegraphist Air Gunner
Physical Training
Survey Recorder
Mechanicians and Stokers
Regulating, including the Master at Arms
Supply and Secretariat, including Stores, Writers, Cooks, Stewards
Sick Berth

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