Imprisonment By Court Martial

Circular No. 264
Admiralty, 30th August 1856

My Lords desire me to call your attention to 16 & 17 Vic., cap. 69, sec. 15, and to point out to you that when imprisonment is inflicted by sentence of Court Martial, it is desirable that it should be stated therein that the period of imprisonment is to commence from the date of the passing of such sentence.

A copy of the 15th section of the above-mentioned Act is subjoined for your information and guidance.

By Command of their Lordships
Thomas Phinn
To all Commanders-in-Chief, Captains, &c.

(COPY, 16 and 17 Vict.)

In all cases in which Naval Courts Martial are or may be authorized to adjudge the same with or without Hard Labour at their discretion, and with or without any other punishment which they are competent to award; and the term of imprisonment, under sentence of such Courts Martial, shall be reckoned as commencing on the day on which the sentence was passed.

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