Engineering Examination of Midshipmen for Lieutenant no Longer Required

Circa Dec 1919

An important change has been made in the examinations of midshipmen for the rank of lieutenant. The examination in engineering and the certificate of proficiency in engine-room watch-keeping were made optional recently, and the Admiralty now notify that, this being the case, those midshipmen who failed to qualify at the engineering examination in September will not be required to undergo a further test in the subject.

This indicates a considerable modification from the principle of the Selborne-Fisher scheme inaugurated in 1903, whereby all midshipmen from Osborne and Dartmouth received training in engineering, and were required to qualify in it before they became lieutenants.

The examination in engineering and the certificate of engine-room watch-keeping will continue to be a necessary qualification for an officer volunteering to specialise in engineering duties, after sufficient time has elapsed to enable peace regulations to come into force.

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