Reporting of Ordnance Equipment under Trial

Admiralty Orders, &c. &c.
Circular, No. 85.
Admiralty, 18th November, 1832.

It is the direction of my Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty, that whenever any of H. M. Ships shall have on board any implement or arrangement in the armament of a ship differing from the establishment, the Captain or Commanding Officer shall transmit to me, in addition to the quarterly Report for their Lordships, a half-yearly Report, according to the annexed form, of the merits of the several inventions : the first Report to be transmitted as soon as possible.

These Reports are to be marked on the left-hand corner of the cover ‘for the Ordnance.’

By Command of their Lordships, George Elliot.

To all Flag Officers, Captains, and Commanding Officers of His Majesty's Ships and Vessels.

A Report of the Trials and Experiments made in the various Implements or Arrangements of the Armament of H. M. Ship ________ Commanded by _______

A. How long they have been in use on board 
B. Where received 
C. Names of the Articles 
D. Names of the Proposers or Inventors 
E. Points in which they differ from articles of the same kind in use before 
F. Advantages proposed by the Alteration 
G. Opinions respecting their comparative advantage or disadvantages. 
H. Whether they should be retained in their present state, improved or modified, or wholly rejected as permanent equipment 

Note.- If any information be required with reference to the Columns E and F, it will be furnished to the respective Captains, &c., on application to the Board of Ordnance.

[For clarity of presentation the illustration has been changed from a horizontal tabular format to that seen above. Ed.]

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